Cyclists, cross country skiers, runners, swimmers all know the amazing feeling that comes over you in the middle of a good workout. You feel absolutely energized, powerful and at peace with yourself and world. Your focus is complete, and your senses are heightened. This is an amazing meditative state where the worries about tomorrow or the regrets of yesterday are completely gone and you are fully in the moment.

Revocycle was born from the understanding that this feeling, this meditative state, is profoundly healthy and joyful.

Most spin classes will use all sorts of tricks to distract you from what you are doing in an effort to keep you from getting bored. You’ll do 25 ‘jumps’, followed quickly by some upper body exercises, then twist around side to side, or hover for a while. These types of classes can leave your more stressed than when you went in!

At Revocycle we structure our cycling classes to bring you into a state of peace and calm. Our approach is designed to allow you the ‘space’ to go inside and focus on your pedal stroke, your heartbeat, the beat of the music, the lyrics of a favorite song, your breathing rate, your muscles…that is, everything that you are doing. We guide your through various efforts- hill climbs, flat road sprints, high cadence, low cadence- that require you to synchronize your pedal strokes to the beat of the music and closely monitor your effort level.

Our riders frequently comment that they can’t believe that a whole class has gone by, which is exactly what happens when you are totally in the moment.

Revocycle is on the cutting edge of delivering this type of mindful (and hugely effective) indoor cycling experience. Our customers, some of whom come 4 or more times per week, have realized that riding with us is truly a ‘practice’ that brings peace, calm and joy to their lives.

As a national fitness writer recently commented, riding at Revocycle is “hard yet somehow relaxing”!

This is not a spin class- this is authentic riding in a beautiful environment enjoying high quality music and exercise!