This is Not Spin: Why Riding at Revocycle is Better For You Than Spin Class

This is Not Spin: Why Riding at Revocycle is Better For You Than Spin Class

In early ’90s when Johnny G started his Spinning program cycling was not a huge sport in the US. Johnny G was a serious cyclist and he envisioned his Spinning program as a way to bring the joy and exercise benefits of cycling to those who had never cycled for exercise.

Johnny G’s approach was based on using proper bike fit and form to recreate a typical outdoor riding workout. Just as importantly, Johnny G was a seeker and spiritualist who understood the amazing power of tuning in to your body- focusing on your breathing and muscles as a way of really being present.

Something has happened to ‘spin’ over the years. The mind-body connection has been lost, replaced by ‘party on a bike’ type classes that are intended to distract you from your workout, and the proper fit and form Johnny G emphasized have all but been forgotten.

Revocycle is in some ways a return to the the original concepts of Spin, with the added benefit of using freewheel bikes for a better whole-leg workout.

  • we don’t do upper body weight-lifting while on the bike, which makes as much sense to us as doing crunches while swimming laps in a pool
  • with our freewheel bikes we use a proper pedal stroke to tone and strengthen the whole leg, front and back
  • by synchronizing our pedaling speed to the beat of our music we all are pedaling at the same cadence and effort level no matter the differences in our overall fitness
  • our focus on the music’s beat, our leg muscles, and our pedal stroke allows us to get into a zone where time flies and stress is reduced

Every day when new Revocycle riders hang around after class to chat they always express their surprise at how fast time flies in our classes and how much more they could feel our workout in their glutes, calves and hamstrings. They’re amazed that the fixed-gear bike they use at the gym takes away that much from their workout. And, after all, if you are are going to dedicate your time to take a ‘spin’ class, don’t you want to get the most out of it for your body and mind?

Our goal is to use the beautiful, naturally rhythmic motion of cycling to get you into a peaceful, meditative state while at the same time providing a much superior workout for your body.

Come take advantage of our 2 free-class introduction to the future of indoor cycling, we know you will be glad you did.

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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