We hear this all the time- it’s amazing how fast time flies riding in our classes.

Here’s why.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you jump on a bike at Revocycle is that we have no clock in the cycling room. Pretty much every spin room at a gym has a clock, right? Why don’t we?

We are about a more meditative, focused style of indoor cycling that uses the beat of the music to set our cadence, and the sound system to envelope us with amazing sound. We turn the lights down low and really focus on the sensations of riding: noticing our heart rate, paying attention to our breathing, feeling the muscles work. You may recognize this approach to movement- it’s very similar to what you might do in a yoga class or in tai chi.

When we are deeply focused on matching the beat and really enjoying the music we tend to get into a meditative state that is really independent of time. If we had a clock in the cycling room, our natural inclination would be to constantly look at it to see how much time has gone by and calculate how much time is left, which of course takes away from the focus that is so important.

So turning the focus away from a clock and inward to our feelings and the rhythm of the music actually creates a mental state that makes time fly. And by the way, this kind of focused state is incredibly good for your mind- it reduces stress to an amazing degree, independent of the great stress reduction benefits of aerobic exercise.

There’s nothing magical about any of this, it’s just how the human brain works. It’s the same thing that happens when you get engrossed in a book and notice that it’s 2 in the morning, or when you realize that you don’t remember the last hour of a drive on the highway. We are just taking the proven mindful methods of exercise that you find in yoga or tai-chi and applying to the indoor cycling experience.