If you ride in a spin class you are already using a powered stationary bike! The energy coming from the spinning flywheel is actually helping to move your legs around in a circle. Here’s how to prove it- next time you’re at a spin class in the gym, stop pedaling without hitting the emergency brake (be very careful when you do this). Notice that your feet keep going around in a circle even though you are doing nothing? That is the energy of the flywheel being transferred back into your legs.

How much energy is being transferred from the flywheel back into your legs? This is easy to measure- without any resistance on, pedal about 80 rpm. Now (carefully!) stop pedaling and use your legs to slow the flywheel to a stop. The amount of energy you used to stop the flywheel from turning is exactly how much was being continually pushed into your legs as you pedaled at 80 rpm. Quite a bit isn’t it?

We do not use fixed-gear indoor cycles at Revocycle- we use freewheel bikes that allow you to get a much better workout because you are providing all the energy yourself. Plus, our freewheel bikes require you to engage all the muscles of the legs as you actually pull around the back part of the pedal stroke as opposed to being pulled around by the spinning flywheel.

So the question is, why do ‘spin’ classes use fixed-gear bikes if they take away the benefits of the workout? At Revocycle we believe it’s a combination of industry inertia- the vast majority of spin bike manufacturers only make fixed-gear bikes, instructor training programs use fixed-gear bikes- and the fact that most instructors and studio owners are not cyclists.

Revocycle was founded by a long-time cyclist who looked at ‘spin’ classes and asked the simple question “What is going on here?” In these classes no one was properly fit to their bike, instructors were calling on the riders to pedal at 120 rpm or even faster, everybody was bouncing in their seats, and the routines had riders jumping up and down, hovering, doing pushups, even lifting weights! None of this was consistent with safe and effective bicycle pedaling.

And so we started a revolution in indoor cycling classes (that’s part of where our name comes from) emphasizing proper fit, form and whole-leg pedaling. The result is a more mindful, effective and healthy indoor cycling workout!

Come join us! The revolution is just beginning at Revocycle!