You want to burn calories and tone muscles and our Revocycle Natural Pedaling Method will get you where you want to be faster than other spin classes at gyms and studios.

It’s pretty simple- spin bikes in studios and gyms have a fixed connection between the 50 pound flywheel and your pedals. When you stop pedaling your feet continue to move around in circles- that’s the flywheel propelling your feet around. In these classes, you are not using all the legs muscles to move the pedals around the circle. In fact, you are using mostly the front of your legs- the quadriceps- to push down on the pedal and allowing the flywheel motion to bring your foot around.

This stomping motion neglects many of the muscles in the legs, the result is that these muscles aren’t really working- they aren’t demanding energy and therefore calories aren’t getting burned.

With our Revocycle freewheel Natural Pedaling Method we use all the muscles of the legs to propel the flywheel for a much more effective workout. We use our calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes to bring the pedal around and over the top. Each of these muscles will use more energy than in a regular spin class with the result being more calories burned per class and better toning of the whole leg.

As many of our clients say, there is no ‘cheating’ in our classes. Many have tried a regular spin bike after using ours and can’t believe that they spent years trying to burn calories in a spin class- the difference is that big!

So if you are looking to maximize your calorie burn and toning, come try out the Revocycle Natural Pedaling Method, you will feel the difference!