Revocycle- Calming Cardio

Revocycle- Calming Cardio

Revocycle was born during an amazing week at Esalen, the famous mind-body spiritual retreat center in Big Sur, California. John Ratey, Harvard professor and author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, was teaching a continuing medical education class there on the powerful brain benefits of exercise, and I called Harvard and asked if I  could take the class. Soon I was off on a drive down I-5 and along the amazing Highway 1 on the California coast.

Esalen is an incredible place. Founded by Michael Murphy (author of the classic Golf in the Kingdom) and Richard Price in the early 1960’s as a center to expand human potential- spiritually, psychologically, physically, mentally. Over the last 50 years some of the world’s greatest thinkers have spent time there.

Situated on the very edge of the continent, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Esalen is an amazing opportunity to lose the cellphone (they don’t work there!), television and computer and focus on personal growth. It’s an open and loving community of seekers and healers. We did yoga, ecstatic dance, bathed in the 6,000 year old baths, and learned how daily movement is the natural state of the human body, equally important for physical health and mental health.

Barre3, Bar Method, yoga, Nia, Tai Chi are all mind body movement forms that focus on body sensations, breathing, proper position and safety. The instructors train for months, even years, perfecting the form and understanding the body. No one yells, no one screams about fitting into that dress, no one insists you must GO HARDER in order to be sexy and desirable. There’s no talk about kicking butt and there’s no obsession with sex or getting ‘hot’. In these mind-body movement forms the focus in on moving mindfully, paying attention the your body position, your breathing, and finding the space for peace and calm; focusing on the process and not the outcome.

Cycling studios sell their workout as a ‘party on the bike’. Is your yoga practice a ‘party on the mat’? Do you go to Barre classes for a ‘party at the barre’? Of course not, you’re there for a safe and effective workout that is calming and peaceful, a place to find your center and enjoy the company of others as you work toward health and happiness.

After a week at Esalen we wondered why indoor cycling (‘spinning’) can’t be more like this. Why should indoor cycling be a ‘party on a bike’?Why is it necessary to add movements to ‘spinning’ that not only can injure you but are ineffective? Why do the classes always involve yelling and trying to ‘kick  your b***’? Why is every spin studio all about getting ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’? Why in the world would they scream ‘getting sexy you b****es!’ at the riders?

Cycling is a beautiful form of movement all by itself. The motion is completely impact-free and smooth, perfect for getting into the zone and feeling totally in the moment as we pedal to the exact beat of the music. It’s almost like dancing as we settle into various pedal speeds and enjoy being one with the beat. We see no reason to yell and scream or to add moves that take away from the pure form and can cause injury- can you imagine adding bicep curls in downward dog or the instructor yelling at you to get ‘hot’ while doing Warrior I?

We are all about authentic human interaction and respect- for each other, for the movement form, for our own individual fitness journeys. We’ll never scream at you, we never talk about ‘getting a hot summer body’, we couldn’t care less what workout the reality tv stars are doing.

Our primary goal is for every Revocycle rider to discover the joy that bubbles up when you are moving mindfully, pedaling to the beat of the music, and finding yourself totally in the moment. That’s why we call it ‘calming cardio’.

This is the Revocycle revolution in indoor cycling- calming cardio that is about the way exercise makes us feel while at the same time providing a workout that is a measurably more effective than standard ‘spinning’ on fixed-gear ‘spin’ bikes. There is no one else in the country who has taken this approach to indoor cycling classes, and we are quickly gaining a national reputation for changing the industry.

Come join us and see how good mindful and peaceful indoor cycling can be!




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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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