Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention- to your thoughts, to your body, to your movements. It’s being aware, intentionally. Mindfulness is the very opposite of how most of us live our lives every day, immersed as we are in the constant din of alerts from our digital devices and pressures of work, home and life in general. It’s a way to calm the mind, reduce stress and create a path to a happier, healthier and more creative life.

Mindfulness is what Revocycle is all about. We are founded on the belief that indoor cycling should be a peaceful, calming experience that leaves us feeling energized and alive. In our classes we engage in mindful practices much like you do in your yoga classes- we pay attention to the breath, we focus on the muscles as they are working, we get lost in the music and the rhthym, we have long periods of quiet as we simply move to the music.

Time magazine has a cover story this week on “The Mindfulness Revolution”. We highly recommend you read it to learn all about the influences that went into the development of Revocycle. They do an excellent introduction to the work of mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (whose work we have discussed in a previous blog post), they talk about the health benefits of being in the zone (a subject of another previous post here) and they highlight the dangerous effects of our addiction to always being ‘on’. Check out the article Time: The Mindfulness Revolution

We are the only exercise studio in the country that is explicitly about exercise as a form of mindfulness, and our program is based on 25 years of using cycling to promote our own health and happiness. We began studying the effects of exercise on the brain, reading Kabat-Zinn’s work, and learning about the science of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change). In fact, our very name comes from the revolution that Time is describing- we’ve been studying it for years now; the Revo in Revocycle refers to the revolution in our understanding of the brain and how exercise and mindfulness are profoundly good for it.

Revocycle is a national leader in the mindful exercise movement. In fact, we may be the only spin studio in the country that approaches the exercise form as a moving meditation, a path to health and happiness. Whereas spin classes and studios have always been about loud, chaotic overload as a way to distract, we do just the opposite- we give you the space to tune into your body, the music,  your workout.