Indoor Cycling Done Like Your Barre or Yoga Class

Indoor Cycling Done Like Your Barre or Yoga Class

We love the idea of moving meditation, working our body while we work to be in the moment. Paying attention to the muscles moving, the breath, the heart beat all are wonderful ways to tune into what you are doing and get into the zone.

Think of your Barre or yoga practice- you pay careful attention to your form, your body position and your breath so that your class is both effective and safe- and it’s calming and peaceful. That’s the same way we approach our indoor cycling classes at Revocycle. The science of proper bike fit, proper position on the bike, and safe and effective techniques while riding is well over 100 years old at this point. Not quite as old as yoga, but nothing to sneeze at!

As a yogi loves her  yoga, so we love the cycling motion and the way it makes us feel. We respect and teach that motion because we know that it can change your life….if you let it. And that is the key.

Other ‘spin’ programs and studios start from the assumption that exercise is hard and no fun. From there they conclude that their classes must be made ‘fun’, and then it’s a short slide to bringing in all sorts of ‘moves’ to the class since it is assumed that you must distract and entertain the students. For these kinds of classes, the only reason to do exercise is to build a ‘hot’ body, or to lose weight for the summer.

Revocycle starts from a completely different assumption, one that we happen to know is true for all humans- exercise is inherently pleasurable and tuning into what we are doing is both immensely rewarding and good for us. And so we have built a program that is built around paying attention to our muscles, our breathing, our position, our pedal speed. We pedal to the beat to align our minds and bodies and to get into the zone. It is nearly impossible to stress out about your meeting tomorrow or the fight you had with your friend yesterday when you are working hard and paying close attention to the rhythm. This is being present, and it will get you into the profoundly healthy ‘zone’ where you feel amazingly alive and happy.

This is the exact same approach that yoga has taken for thousands of years, except that we apply it to aerobic exercise!

The tens of millions of runners, cyclists, hikers, climbers, roller bladders, paddlers, rowers- not to mention yogis and barre practitioners- are on to something. Pure movement, and yes even hard work, are liberating and transforming. We bring that type of movement to indoor cycling – proper fit, proper form and getting into the zone through attention and peaceful instruction.

If you are used to the chaotic, hectic, up-down up-down, weight-lifting, tap-backing, corner-to-cornering type of spin class, you are in for a treat. You’ll leave our classes with a much better calorie burn, much better toning, and most importantly you’ll feel rejuvenated and alive rather than beat up and drained. That’s the magic of mindful movement!

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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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