In your yoga or Barre class….it’s quiet, peaceful, even spiritual. Soft music is playing, the calming voice of your highly trained instructor guides you through your practice, gently reminding you to check in with your body, your position, to be safe and comfortable.

In a ‘spin’ class…..super loud, the instructor is a ROCKSTAR!! spotlighted on a stage, yelling, WOOOing, AAAAIIEEing, putting your through all sorts of dangerous moves, dancing around the room, coming over to turn up your resistance.

At Revocycle we are all about questioning your assumptions about cardio. If  we want our yoga to be mindful and calming why should indoor cycling require yelling? If yoga is about being centered, in the moment, paying attention to safe and effective practice then why should ‘spinning’ about a super high-intensity atmosphere, crazy dance moves and performing instructors?

Every day millions of runners, riders, paddlers, rowers, climbers, swimmers, and hikers head out for the love of the movement and how it makes them feel. Are these highly unusual people, specially gifted with the ability to will themselves to do something challenging? No….they are humans who have realized what is true for all of us- movement makes us feel good. It’s that simple, and that profound.

Look within. Our-YOUR-motivation never comes from someone yelling at you. To believe that it does is a common form of confusion, and a willful giving away of our power. Who did the last couple minutes to the top of the hill? You did! Who willed yourself to do one last barre move? You did! Like the Tinman’s heart or the Lion’s courage, the motivation has always been there…sometimes we just don’t know it yet.

Revocycle is a new type of indoor cycling studio, started by a 25-year cyclist who came to the simple realization that the peace, happiness and sense of accomplishment cycling brought him was all about looking within, feeling your body work, and embracing the challenge. We have built our indoor cycling program to bring that exact same mind-body focus, with calming authentic interaction and motivation and guidance from highly knowledgeable and inspiring instructors.

We ride with excellent form, on the rhythm of the music, paying attention to our muscles and our breathing to get ourselves into the ‘zone’, the flow state where time flies by and we feel amazingly powerful. This can’t happen when someone is screaming and performing and our ears are bleeding- which is of course why your yoga instructors or barre instructors don’t yell and scream either.

We work on creating beautiful pedal strokes time and time again as we fully immerse ourselves in the moment, forgetting our worries of tomorrow or our regrets from yesterday.

Think of Revocycle as a yoga-like practice for cardio exercise, you’ll find the power within and leave feeling rejuvenated and alive!