The Revocycle Mindful Indoor Cycling Revolution

The Revocycle Mindful Indoor Cycling Revolution

Revocycle is a completely new approach to ‘spinning’ or indoor cycling. Our style borrows from the calming instructional style of your barre or yoga classes while bringing the same focus on good fit, good form, excellent technique. In fact, we think of ourselves as a yoga approach to cardio exercise!

Have you ever noticed that runners, riders, hikers, paddlers, rollerbladers seem to be in ‘the zone’ when they pass by? Indeed, huge numbers of blogs, books and essays have been written describing the meditative nature of rhythmic, repetitive physical activity like running and cycling- even Buddhist spiritual masters have written about running as a form of meditation. Check out this amazing book by Sakyong Miphan Rinpoche Running with the Mind of Meditation, for a beautiful way of describing aerobic exercise as a form of moving meditation.

The Revocycle Revolution is…

  • a focus on excellent fit and form for safety and maximum effectiveness in your workout
  • freewheel pedaling and our trademark Natural Pedaling Method for engagement of the muscles throughout the full pedal stroke, a style that takes a mindful concentration and body awareness while providing greatly increased toning, calorie burn, cardiovascular benefit compared to standard ‘spin’ bikes
  • pedaling exactly on the beat for every song for an amazing a mind-body connection
  • a calming instruction style borrowed from peaceful mind-body practices like yoga and barre; absolutely no obscenities, no yelling

Revocycle was created by Michael Hosking, a 25 year rider and racer who’s love of the feel of cycling and the huge stress relief it provides when done mindfully led him to create our unique and cutting-edge program.

For reasons that aren’t quite clear to us, there has always been a strong contrast between the teaching styles of ‘mind-body’ exercises like yoga or barre and ‘cardio’ exercises like ‘spinning’ or Zumba. Instruction in the classic mind-body forms of movement is always peaceful and calming, and instruction in the cardio forms of movement is always high intensity, loud, often with obscenities thrown in to get you to work harder.

Our simple question is why? Like the Buddhist master, we have long known that really tuning into your body and your rhythm can create a very peaceful place in the mind, and even though we are working hard we find that after class we feel refreshed and rejuvenated rather than drained and exhausted. This is the secret that all those runner and riders and paddlers have always known, and at Revocycle we are sharing that secret with you.

And the best part is, you will get a superior workout at Revocycle- in fact, we know that you will burn more calories and tone more muscles simply because our freewheel cycles demand that you engage fully all around the pedal stroke- there is no flywheel spinning your feet around in circles.

That’s the Revocycle indoor cycling revolution- a much improved indoor cycling workout that leaves you feeling refreshed and alive!


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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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