Pure Cycling Exercise- Why Keeping Zumba Separate From Cycling Makes For A Better Workout

Pure Cycling Exercise- Why Keeping Zumba Separate From Cycling Makes For A Better Workout

Many spinning classes mix Zumba/Aerobics-like dance moves and weight lifting with cycling. We do not. We love dancing for fun and cardio, and we love weight lifting for strength, but trying to Zumba while cycling ruins your Zumba workout, trying to cycle while doing Zumba ruins your cycling workout, and weight lifting during cycling won’t build your strength. And mixing all of these together greatly increases the risk for knee and back damage.

Cycling is a beautiful, pure exercise form that burns huge amounts of calories, but only if you are pedaling properly to use your muscles to create power. When a person is trying to go fast on a bike she isn’t pedaling wildly at 130 rpm like you do in your typical spin class, she’s pedaling around 90 rpm in a very hard gear. As she goes faster, she shifts gears to get back to where she can pedal smoothly. This is how you burn calories and work muscles on a bike. If you are pedaling at 130 rpm, by definition you don’t have very much resistance because no one can pedal that fast with any resistance at all, and very few people in the world can pedal at that speed smoothly.

It’s quite simple….on a bike, the faster you go the harder you are working (i.e. using muscles and burning calories), and the way you go faster is to pedal at normal pedal speeds while using good resistance.

Now attempt a few dance moves or ‘corner to corners’ while trying to go fast on a bike-your speed will decrease because you can’t put sufficient power out through the pedals. Same thing if you are trying to do some weight lifting while riding- your speed will suffer and you wouldn’t be able to lift very heavy weights in order to build strength.

At Revocycle we focus on the pure cycling motion so that we can get the most out of the cycling workout- we set you up in the perfect position, we use excellent form, and we pedal freewheel bikes that require the muscles of the whole leg. Because we are doing only one thing- cycling- we are able to concentrate on it to get the most benefits out of it and therefore burn way more calories than if we were trying to lift weights and dance while riding.

Now, couple all this good form and focus with our absolutely precise matching of our pedal speeds to the beats of the music and you have something special- it feels like dancing as our feet come around the circle on the beat every time- it’s all very calming. Because we are focused on matching our cadences exactly to the rhythm of the music and powering the full pedal circle our minds cannot wander- we don’t worry about tomorrow and we don’t regret yesterday, we are simply focused on our rhythms and muscles. This is the very definition of moving meditation.

If you are used to the ‘dance party on a bike’ type of ‘spin’ class, you will be amazed at the better workout at Revocycle class gives you and how relaxed and peaceful you feel after a class!

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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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