Good form is the very essence of exercise, whether it’s weight lifting, dance, yoga, barre or cycling. That’s why Revocycle is leading the nation in bringing back beautiful form, technique and mindfulness to indoor cycling.

We recently ran across a blog post from an online workout company called GMB that beautifully captures this essence of good form and why we should strive to develop and maintain it.

Some gems from this essay:

“There are two important characteristics of good form that run through all types of movement:

  1. It must minimize the chances of injury for the individual practicing the movement.
  2. It must employ efficient body mechanics, to maximize the available strength and energy of the movement.”

This is such a nice way of putting good form into perspective! Both hold true for indoor cycling. Here at Revocycle we don’t do any of the ‘moves’ that are so popular at other ‘spinning’ studio because they greatly increase the risk of injury to the back and the knees AND they reduce the efficiency of your pedaling mechanics and therefore reduce the strength and energy of the movement- thus making your workout less effective. We stay with the well-studied good cycling mechanics to keep you safe and maximize your workout.

Some other relevant quotes from the article:

When you move with good form, your body works together as a unit, rather than as a collection of parts.”

The whole design and construction of a cycle is to put your entire body in position to work as a whole to generate force on the pedals. The body works as a unit to accomplish this, so good form is everything in cycling. To separate out upper ‘body parts’ for individual work during cycling evidences a deep confusion and lack of understanding of cycling.

“Rather than moving with momentum, you move with control, and this is both evidence and a benefit of proper technique. Moving with the intention of control, funnels the stresses to the appropriate areas of the body rather than to regions prone to break down and injury.”

Ahh, momentum. You may not realize it, but the fixed gear on your spin bike is channeling massive amounts of momentum from the 50 pound flywheel into your legs. Try stopping pedaling suddenly and you’ll see what we mean. The Revocycle Natural Pedaling Method with freewheels sends no momentum into your legs- you are pedaling the full circle the whole class, which means you are controlling the flywheel instead of it controlling you.

This GMB blog post was written to address any movement form, but it is especially useful to think through it with cycling in mind. Once you understand the importance of good form in cycling, both for safety and for your workout, you won’t ever ‘tap back’ again!
Here’s the whole post if you are interested….     GMB Fitness Good Form