What’s A Revocycle Class Like?

What’s A Revocycle Class Like?

We are a different kind of spinning studio, one that is influenced by the mindfulness and attention to form of your barre classes or yoga practice. If you are an experienced spinner or new to indoor cycling, you will find that our approach is a much better form of exercise and our classes are MUCH more user-friendly!

And so we wanted to share with you what your experience will be like……

When you walk in you’ll see that our studio is designed to ‘feel’ much more like a yoga studio, with calming blue colors and candles scenting the entryway. We’ll greet you with a warm smile and get you checked in at our very cool looking red front desk.

We walk all new riders back to the cycling room and point out the changing room and nicely rolled towels for your use. You can store your valuable right in the cycling room in the large cubbies.

Once you have filled your bottle with our Brita water dispenser, we’ll professionally fit you to your bike so that you are in the perfect position to get a great and safe cycling workout. We’ll demonstrate the freewheel pedaling motion and talk about the feel of creating perfect full-circles with the all the muscles of your legs.

Now you can warm up and get ready for the class! We are always around before class to answer questions or introduce you to some of our wonderful clients. Chances are you’ll make some new friends!

The Revocycle Cycling Class

The first song is a warm up, often a soft and centering song that allows us to begin to forget the worries of the day and bring our minds into the room. Your instructor will introduce herself and talk about our Revocycle scale of resistance on the bikes, go over the feel of the pedal stroke, encourage you to tune into your body.

Once we begin work on the second song your instructor will remind you to start to sense the rhythm of the music and move your feet to that rhythm….don’t worry, it will come as you get used to feeling the beat of the song and how it feels to have your foot ‘step’ on the beat. It’s just like dancing! The concentration required to match the exact beat of the music is a key part of what we do- if we are concentrating on being on the different beats for the full 50 minutes our minds absolutely cannot be worried about tomorrow or regretting yesterday…it’s the core of our mindfulness-based exercise program. Our clients will tell you- focusing on the beat and our muscles and breath for the whole class makes time absolutely fly! This is the essence of getting into the flow state.

Throughout class your instructor will gently remind you to maintain a good position for both safety and effectiveness. These frequent reminders are our way to help you maximize the benefits of your cycling workout but also a way to keep you focused on your body sensations- how your muscles are feeling and how your breathing is. Just like in your yoga class, this is a way to practice mindfulness even though you may be working hard.

(As a side note, this approach to teaching a spinning class is much different from that of the typical spinning studio where the instructor is a performer who yells and screams through the whole class to get you ‘motivated’. We know that yelling and screaming never motivated anyone and we find it offensive and annoying. When was the last time your yoga or barre instructor yelled and screamed? At no time in any of our classes will the instructor yell, scream, dance around the room, come up to you and touch you, or use vulgarities. We are seeking the higher ground through mindful exercise and so we treat what we do just like a yoga practice.)

During class we’ll pedal between 60-110 rpm, always aligning with the rhythm of the songs as a way to connect the mind and body. We do hills both seated and standing, surges, sprints, meditative flat road pieces- sometimes pushing ourselves hard, other times doing active recovery where we ease off and just enjoy the music. We will not do any tap-backs, hovers, sit-ups, pushups, corner to corners or any of the other ‘moves’ so common in spinning- they are not good for you and reduce your cycling workout.

Soon, class is over and we take a final song to cool down, congratulating ourselves for the good work we have done. Finally we come to a stop and tune into how amazing we feel- a final piece of mindfulness that creates a the space for us to really know and feel how good exercise is for us. It’s far too easy to just finish and run off to our next appointment and we cherish this time after a wonderful class.

If you were new to Revocycle we’ll then ask you how you felt on the bike, make any adjustments to the bike fit, then write down the fit settings on our fit cards so that you’ll be in a good position in every class. We store these here for you to use whenever you ride with us.

Very often, we sit around and talk after class or head across the street to Sister’s Coffee for a treat!

As you can see, Revocycle is not like your standard spinning studio. We are welcoming, we know how to fit you to the bike for effectiveness and safety, we treat you and our classes with respect, we honor the movement and the fitness journey we are all on.

If you are interested, this radically new approach to indoor cycling is deeply influenced by the work of 3 people who have studied the relationship between exercise, mindfulness and happiness

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi- pioneered work on the flow state

John Ratey- his 2009 book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Jon Kabat-Zinn- his many works on mindfulness, mediation and how they can reduce stress to make us happier

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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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