At Revocycle we see ourselves as a health and happiness business.

We do not promote exercise as a way to ‘get hot’, to ‘rock that dress’, to ‘get beach ready’. You will look in vain through everything we have written to find any mention of ‘hot summer bodies’, ‘problem areas’ or ‘bikini season’.

Recently there has been an uproar in London over protein powder ads posted in the tube showing a bikini-clad model with the words ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’? The company has called those who took offense “terrorists’ and “fatty sympathizers”.

We know the fitness industry uses images of impossibly thin, and ripped models in suggestive poses to sell you their latest gimmick, diet plan, or workout program. The promise is that if you just buy their product, do their workout, you too will be the object of desire…..and then you will be happy.

It’s a trick and a lie.

Those images are photoshopped, those models are 1 in 100,000 from a genetic lottery….AND they have starved themselves, dehydrated themselves and worked out in the gym for 5 hours a day. These models are in no sense representing not real people, and even they will tell you that they cannot look like that for more than 2 or 3 days before they must eat and drink again. Ever heard what figure models do before their competitions?

And most importantly, these models will also tell you that happiness doesn’t come from achieving 6 pack abs, thigh gaps or rock hard glutes. You are still the same you inside. Happiness comes from within.

The CEO of the ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’ protein powder company completely missed two simple points

  1. Those who take offense recognize the lie and manipulation built into the ad- very, very few people will ever look like that, he knows that and we know that and the protein did not make that model look like that
  2. Thinking people, women and men, take deep offense to the simplistic, superficial reduction of this grand human experience to how our bodies look on the beach. He believes that the entire point of life is to have others think you are hot, and tens of thousands have vehemently disagreed. He calls them ‘fatty sympathizers.

And so we at Revocycle make this promise to you- we will never attempt to make you feel bad about your body or your current state of fitness in order to sell you our workout program. We will never say ‘bikini season’, ‘hot summer body’ or ‘problem area’ in our promotional materials or in our studio. We believe that approach to fitness is manipulative, dishonest and misses the point entirely.

We will, however, talks endlessly about how wonderful exercise makes you feel. How it can reduce stress in your life, help you sleep better, give you more energy throughout the day, make you feel accomplished and proud of yourself, give you a quiet place during your busy day, reduce depression and make you healthier.

Exercise is movement of the body, movement of the body is the natural state for this machine we call home. No matter what you body shape, size or fitness level, exercise can and will make you feel good the minute you start….that’s our message to you. And that will help you build a lifetime exercise habit.

As we say, exercise is much too important to be about getting hot bodies.