Revocycle is not a Soul Cycle copy, we are next-generation indoor cycling that merges the mindfulness of yoga, barre and Pilates with the amazing cardio benefits of indoor cycling. We are about tuning in to the beauty of the pure cycling motion in order to get an amazing workout and to calm the mind. If you are a Soul Cycle fan, you owe it to yourself to experience our much better calorie-burning workout with our freewheel pedaling and mindful focus..

Soul Cycle created a super high-intensity atmosphere ‘dance party on a bike’ class taught by ‘rockstar’ model/actor instructors. The classes include ‘pushups’ on the bike, ‘sit ups’ and weight lifting on the bike, and all sorts of different upper body choreography. None of these ‘moves’ do anything for you, and all will hurt your knees and back.  The temperature in the room is typically 95 degrees so you get very sweaty and think you got a great workout. The music is so loud you need earplugs. The bikes are packed so close together that your neighbor’s sweat flies on  you. Up on the stage, the ‘rockstar’ instructors dress in costumes, strike poses, scream, dance around the room, get in your face and turn up the resistance on your bike. New riders are banned from the front row because they don’t look good enough. Encouragement comes in the form of  “You are ‘F—G AMAZING!’, “namaste BADASSES”, “GO you ninja bi***es!” Highly sexual language and innuendo is common.

At Revocycle we are really about seeking the higher ground rather running for the gutter- in our mindful attention to the movement, excellent instruction, and our respect for our clients and the path we are on (by the way, new riders can sit wherever they want!).

We approach our cycle classes like a yoga class, or barre….we practice excellent form and technique for safety, speak with a calming voice, use respectful and positive language, and we really tune into our bodies.

We hire only highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors who love the cycling movement form in just the same way a yogi loves her movement form. We pay attention to excellent position and practice beautiful form, noticing the muscles and the movement and the breath- all as a way of being mindful and getting into that amazing ‘zone’ where we are working hard yet are profoundly peaceful…a moving meditation. Just like you do in your yoga, barre or Pilates practice.

We don’t do upper body work, weight lifting or dance moves on the bike because they don’t do anything and are dangerous for the knees and back. All of this takes away from the point of the class anyway….burning calories and working the muscles of the legs through cycling.

Revocycle is not trying to be SoulCycle- we are on a very different path of celebrating the pure cycling movement for what it is….a profoundly beautiful and powerful workout. We were founded by  a 25 year rider and racer who found that ‘spinning’ had become something that was quite apart from the beauty and meditative aspects of the wonderful cycling motion….one that had been his moving meditation for decades, a way to find peace and centeredness.

Our cycling classes can be your way to find peace and calm too. You’ll get an amazingly effective workout and leave feeling rejuvenated and alive!

Revocycle is the next generation spinning workout: good form, respectful treatment, mind-body focus.