Revocycle is named for two things: the revolution of the pedals when pedaling, and the cultural revolution of the spinning industry our program represents.

When the world is filled with “no experience required, submit head shot for an interview” spinning studios that ‘teach’ clients to do ‘moves’ that will destroy their knees, ruin their backs, and diminish the actual cycling workout- moves which, by the way, are explicitly banned by every Spinning certification agency- Revocycle continues to grow.

Just as E! network premieres Hollywood Cycle, a new reality show that promises to bring you the “competitive glamour” and  “ride or die, sexy, cutthroat culture”of an LA cycling studio, where Rockstar instructors “get away with murder mixing their personal and professional lives”, we add new riders every day.

Honestly… this sounds like absolute hell to us. We certainly don’t want to surround ourselves with cutthroat people whose primary purpose in life is to be sexier and more glamorous,  or self-appointed model and actor Rockstar instructors who exploit professional relationships for sex. What other form of group instruction would proudly brag about instructors with no experience and no training? Would yoga? Would Pilates?

At Revocycle we are seeking the higher plane through movement, community, music.

We’re about the exercise, come dressed as you wish.

We value tuning into the beautiful cycling movement as we work very hard, not made-up dance moves on a bike.

Authenticity is our thing, we don’t hire people based on their bodies, facial bone structure or fashion sense.

We exercise for happiness, health and preparing our bodies to move gracefully through the world.

There is no evidence at all, in the history of human civilization, that the pursuit of sexiness, competing to be more glamorous than the next person, or  following the latest fashion trend brings happiness. In fact, quite the opposite. “High drama, complicated lives” aren’t worthy of envy, they’re a sign of a deep confusion and a life out of control.

The real truth, backed by science and spiritual leaders from the beginning of time, is that living authentic lives, treating each other and ourselves with respect and compassion, working toward meaningful goals and truly living life in the moment are the keys to happiness.

These are the values we’ve  built our Revocycle culture around. They define who we are in an industry that celebrates the opposite.  We couldn’t be more different from SoulCycle and it’s many copies…and that’s something we are deeply proud of. We are countercultural, in every sense of the word.

McDonalds vs Little Big Burger, Taco Bell vs La Cocina Verde, Chuck E Cheese vs Ken’s Pizza.

When you are ready for a welcoming, noncompetitive atmosphere where you learn how to ride with beauty and grace, we’ll be here for you. When you seek knowledgeable and nice instructors who only goal is to help you improve your fitness, your mental outlook, your life… we’ll be here.

As it is said, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.