ClassPass Picks Revocycle As One Of The World’s Best Cycling Classes

ClassPass Picks Revocycle As One Of The World’s Best Cycling Classes

Tour de ClassPass: A Cycling Class to Try in Every City

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BlogAssets_TourDeClasspassThere’s something so compelling about watching a group of super intense cyclists pedal furiously uphill — seemingly in unison — and careen down a steep incline, through gorgeous scenery and with engaging, often gossipy commentary.

Ah, the Tour de France. What a crazy — and inspiring! — demonstration of human grit. It’s endurance and strength at their finest, as the world’s top cyclists compete for dominance of the European countryside. The terrain is varied and the course challenging, but lucky for you, intense ClassPasser, there are tons of great cycling studios that can help you create your very own Tour de ClassPass, where you can ride along with the TDF all month.

If you live in Atlanta, try Vibe Ride
Offering three types of classes (rhythm, ride and remix), Vibe offers a variety of interval, endurance and strength-boosting classes. They incorporate upper-body moves throughout the ride for a true full-body fitness experience.
Try this classRemix Rides integrates the technical components of road rides with high-intensity cardio of rhythm rides. Interval training drills are at the center of these exercises, which keep you riding to the beat while challenging you to fuel your calorie burn by increasing your power.

If you live in Austin, try Tetra Fitness
A self-proclaimed “slightly wacky” group of fun-loving, social and sweat-seeking instructors are on hand to guide you through an intense, efficient 50-75 minute workout.
Try this classCycle+Run features 50 minutes of cycling plus a 2-3 mile run. It’s the ultimate brick workout and an intense calorie burn.

If you live in Baltimore, try Rev Cycle
Baltimore’s first cycling studio conducts classes on Schwinn AC Performance stationary bikes, equipped with MPower Echelon Consoles to track your heart rate, calorie burn, power and RPM as you ride. After your workout, you can download your workout stats and track your progress across Rev classes. Bikes are also equipped with clipless Shimano pedals, so bring cycling shoes if you have them.
Try this classRev 45 is a challenging 45-minute class including sprints, climbs and intervals. It’s great for all fitness levels, from beginner cyclists to elite athletes.

If you live in Boston, try Sweat Indoor Cycling
A great crew of high-energy instructors with enviable bodies and great music, Sweat is all about riding to the music, so expect great beats!
Try this classThe SWEAT ride is the signature 45-minute house ride, incorporating weights and upper body resistance while riding to energizing music.

If you live in Charlotte, try FIT Bye Pharr
Fit Bye Pharr has a brand-new studio space. Its dedicated cycling studio features accent lighting and wall-to-wall murals of Charlotte so you feel like you’re biking through the city at night.
Try this classCycle Bye Pharr is a high-intensity cycling class that’s perfect for any fitness level. You control your intensity throughout the ride.

If you live in Chicago, try i.d. Gym
i.d. Gym offers a unique community of like-minded individuals with an independent streak who are at the gym for a workout. Their focus is on exceptional group fitness classes in a relaxed neighborhood setting (read: not your typical big-box gym!).
Try this classi.d.’s signature indoor cycling experience, Spinning, features jumps, jogs, sprints and climbs on a Spinner Blade Ion bike, which monitors your energy, speed and heart rate to push your workout to the max.

If you live in Columbus, try Fly Method Cycle
The Fly Method workouts combine strength, body resistance and elements of yoga for an efficient, results-oriented workout. Classes can burn an estimated 500-1,000 calories.
Try this classStrength Cycle is a standard ride with the added benefit of Triletics resistance bands, which are used throughout the ride to strengthen your upper body while you work your glutes, quads and hamstrings. The ride is 50 minutes, plus a 50-minute mind-centering cool down and stretch.

If you live in Dallas, try Beyond Pedaling
Motivational instruction, engaging music and a candlelit room will leave you feeling focused, energized and empowered. Stop by the cute gear shop before or after your workout to outfit your ride with an ever-changing stock of workout wear.
Try this classCycling 45. This varied-terrain, 45-minute ride to great music will leave you tough, toned and sweaty.

If you live in Denver, try Beat Cycle
Free shoes and a plethora of personal care products in the change room for before and after class make for a positively spa-like experience.
Try this classYou’ll spend 45 minutes on a Schwinn Carbonblue bike, the latest in indoor cycling technology to help you push yourself to your cycling limits. The best part? This is a party on a bike: Soak up the great energy in the room — and torch major calories — as you cycle to the beat of the instructors’ carefully compiled playlists.

If you’re in Houston, try Ride Indoor Cycling
This is a workout with attitude. A sassy, boogying, spiritual experience, this is the “workout that loves you back.”
Try this classJay Z v. Beyonce. Seriously: What says motivation more than the dynamic duo of pop and R & B? Get groovy and toned at the same time.

If you’re in Kansas City, try Mojo Cycling Studio
After hosting classes in a few cool pop-up studios, Mojo now offers specialized, fun, full-body workouts in a brand-new space. Bonus: Mojo is also Kansas City’s only dedicated cycling studio.
Try this classThe MOJO Ride is a challenging, mindful workout that uses the rhythm of motivating music to drive movement and create energy. It’s a fun, inspiring workout that pulls from the best indoor and outdoor cycling, as well as yoga and personal training technique.

If you’re in Las Vegas, try FSY Studio
A boutique studio that also offers yoga and CrossFit, FSY believes in varied quick-and-dirty workouts to make the most of your activity time. Classes are offered early morning and after work.
Try this classFSY Cycle is a high-energy dance party on a bike. This full-body cardio workout will take you on a journey that will work your body, clear your mind and transform your life. This experience will challenge you to be stronger, to let go and live more.

If you’re in London, try Core Collective
Check out the awesome on-site healthy café, Who Loves You, for pre- and post-workout bites, juices and cleanse packages.
Try this classAccelerate is straight-up indoor cycling at its best: a low-impact, high-energy 45 minutes with an intense soundtrack and instructors to match.

If you’re in Los Angeles, try CYCLEPATHIC FITNESS
Fifteen hard-core instructors will motivate your workout and make you sweat hard.
Try this classRide Strong will jumpstart your morning with a fusion of tabata sprints, hills and high-intensity timed intervals to get your heart racing and your legs pumping. Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss, enhancing your cycling form or all three, this class will make you sore today, strong tomorrow.

If you’re in Miami, try Redbike
This rhythm-based party on a bike uses weights and varied movements to achieve a full-body workout while having a whole lot of fun.
Try this classThe in-house signature ride, Redbike 45 is 45 minutes of full-body, rhythm-based choreography.

If you’re in Minneapolis, try The Shed
Like its name suggests, The Shed is an unassuming, non-judgmental sports facility. Recently expanded to over 5,000 square feet of newly renovated space, it has a dedicated cycling room decked out with dance floor lighting and a dance club-worthy stereo system. The Shed prides itself on their focus on meditative, non-competitive intense workouts.
Try this classHappy Hour Spin, a high-energy cardio indoor cycling class lead by energizing instructors. Expect a variety of physically and mentally challenging intervals to strengthen your heart and tone your legs, though beginners can ride at their own pace.

If you’re in Nashville, try Krank Fitness
Krank is a boutique strength and cycle studio with more than 40 classes each week, taught by several of Nashville’s best trainers. Say hello to expertise and variety!
Try this classKrank Cycle is an addictive ride that’s great for any fitness level. Music up, lights down: The instructors create awesome playlists to get you into the zone and get the most out of your workout. They emphasize good form, high intensity and periods of recovery to work your legs, back, abs, core and glutes.

If you’re in New York, try Swerve
Smart technology bikes track and award points for individual and team outputs, with team rankings for race segments shown on monitors around the room. Feel challenged and motivated by your classmates, and track your results class to class. Bonus: You’ll receive your stats in a shareable grid following class, which shows your energy output, distance and rank. Plus, complimentary shoes, a towel and an incredible atmosphere (including a smoothie bar!) help your workout feel like a super accomplished vacation.
Try this classMissy v. Justin: This epic rap vs. pop showdown will get you revved up for steep climbs, quick sprints and racking up all the points you can. There’s a bonus segment in every class where teams receive extra points for pedaling in unison.

If you’re in Orange County, try Freedom Ride
Freedom Ride is the only studio in West Orange County that has SPIVI 3-D road display software, which lets you see yourself on the road and projects your metrics onto one of the in-room, 65-inch flat-screen TVs. All metrics are emailed out after class. There’s also metrics-free class that focuses more on the music than the scores. Your choice!
Try this classFreedom Performance Ride, a fun and challenging ride against yourself and your neighbors. Watch your real-time performance metrics on the Freedom Boards at the front of the room.

If you’re in Philadelphia, try Body Cycle Studio
You’ll appreciate the spacious studio and the encouragement to adjust the intensity of your ride to whatever you need that day.
Try this class45-Minute Spin provides alternating high-intensity intervals with active rest to rev your metabolism and keep the afterburn going long after the beats stop.

If you’re in Phoenix, try RPM Spin
This edgy environment offers a raw and rockin’ eclectic mix of music with lighting effects, all set in an industrial, urban space. The studio has state-of-the-art 25 Pro LeMond series bikes with computers that sync to Polar to track output and distance.
Try this classDrop Saddle is taught standing and riding to the beat of the music, blending intervals of sprints, jogs and climbs to target the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Though you can sit whenever you need to, the majority of the class is done in standing runs and climbs.

If you’re in Portland, try Revocycle
Mind-body integration, as in their mission: a place to celebrate life-affirming movement for a happier, healthier life. Nice.
Try this classRevocycle’s featured class is a powerful fitness program combining the body awareness, teaching style and attention to good form typical of yoga or barre, with the powerful cardio workout of cycling. The focus is on beautiful cycling form and controlling and isolating muscles to efficiently strengthen and build.

If you’re in Raleigh, try Sync Studio
With an emphasis on socializing, meeting new people and building community, you may just forget how hard you’re working on the bike.
Try this classSYNC Cycling mixes speed, resistance and range of movement using custom choreography specially designed for these classes.

If you’re in Sacramento, try Cycle In
Enjoy spinning with scenic rides that take you through the rolling hills of Tuscany, the streets of Paris or the changing seasons of the East Coast. Cycle In offers dual 60-inch plasma screens displaying scenery to keep you inspired!
Try this classDiva Music Video Class — doesn’t the name say it all? Edgy and distracting, these classes will get your bop and your burn on at once.

If you’re in San Diego, try Rhythm + Power
This state-of-the-art cycling studio has pristine locker rooms with spacious showers, and its awesome concierges provides complimentary cycling shoes, towels and cold eucalyptus cloths after class. Spend some time in the stretching area following class to make your muscles happy.
Try this classRhythm 45 will have you riding to the rhythm for 45 minutes with playlists created by talented instructors.

If you’re in San Francisco, try Momentum Cycling Studio
Momentum offers cycling classes that simulate real riding scenarios and are conducted in an open-air sunlit studio. Classes range from 45-90 minutes.
Try this classIn and Out 45 Cycling includes intervals, hills and endurance segments for a well-rounded, full-body ride in under an hour.

If you’re in Seattle, try Tricycle Fitness
Tiny classes mean personalized attention and a great workout. The bikes are top-of-the-line Keiser M3+ indoor cycles that have a built-in computer displaying your RPMs, watts, gear and workout time. Bikes also connect to your heart rate monitor and display your current and average heart rate.
Try this classTricycle’s Cycle class is 55 minutes of climbs, sprints and sweating to the finish line.

If you’re in St. Louis, try St. Louis Spinning
This well-rounded cycling program uses five different movements — all practiced in actual cycling — and centers around a series of training sessions called Energy ZonesTM, which include Endurance, Strength, Interval, Race Day and Recovery.
Try this classEndurance Hour is meant for all levels of athlete and helps build a great foundation of aerobic fitness. Using flatter roads and smoother hills than other interval-based classes, this class is designed to train the body to more efficiently metabolize fat and maintain a steady pace while resisting fatigue.

If you’re in Tampa, try Urban Body Fusion
What to expect: brand-new, top-of-the-line equipment in a gorgeously well-maintained facility.
Try this classXtreme Cycling is a fast-paced, high-intensity, energizing, 60-minute class designed to burn calories, tighten and tone legs, strengthen the core and improve cardiovascular health. Riders will experience sprints, climbs, jumps and much more, all done to high-energy, motivating, beat-driven music. You may burn up to 800 calories in one class!

If you’re in Toronto, try CYKL
CYKL is Toronto’s first exclusively RealRyder indoor cycling studio. The bikes allow for a whole new range of motion, letting you turn, steer and lean like never before. These flexible bikes also recruit more muscles for balance and closely mimic the experience of racing on a road.
Try this class: Forty-five minutes of hills and mountain climbs, CYKL Climb is all about building strength and boosting muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

If you’re in Vancouver, try Spin Society Cycling Studio
Located at the foot of the Granville Street Bridge, this pristine space looks more spa than studio. Spin Society provides swanky complimentary products and towels in the change rooms to pamper yourself after your sweat-tastic ride.
Try this classSpin Society50 is a 50-minute, rhythm-based class featuring with dim lighting, incredible music and inspirational coaching. The class focuses on shared energy, inspiration and encouragement to help you cultivate the physical and mental strength to reach your full potential and live your biggest, boldest dreams.

If you’re in Washington, D.C., try Revolve
A spacious, well-lit, high-ceilinged studio with built-in monitors on the bikes to check your cadence, distance and calories burned as you ride.
Try this class: The Barre Ride is a revolutionary hybrid workout that gives you intense cardio cycling and lengthening exercises, all in the span of a one-hour class. Expect to burn serious calories on the half-hour ride and then sculpt your muscles into dancer-like form using the bike’s handlebars as a barre with 30 minutes of a unique, high-repetition barre series.

Amy is a holistic health coach, triathlete and yogi living in San Francisco. She shares healthy living ideas and plant-based, gluten-free recipes at Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

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