Revocycle is a new indoor cycling concept based on 25 years of cycling and study of the mind-body benefits of aerobic exercise. We are truly the next-generation spin class that’s about respect, mind-body connection, using exercise science, good form, and good technique to give you better results.

We are inspired by how you practice yoga or barre; the attention to good form and a calm teaching style in order to maximize the benefits and quiet the mind is exactly how we teach our classes.

Did you know that absolutely anyone can buy 20 bikes, no experience necessary, and start ‘teaching’ spinning classes? That’s what’s happened over the last few years. No one would find that acceptable in a yoga or Pilates studio. Yet in spinning, knowledgeable instruction, metrics, and respect for the exercise form and your bodily health and safety have been totally lost. Try Googling the E! reality show ‘Hollywood Cycle’ to see what we mean.

So Revocycle is a complete revolution in the industry away from the vapid, sex-obsessed and massively superficial studios spreading across the nation.

Revocycle is for people who want to exercise well and get the huge mental benefits of mindful pedaling.

26 Ways We Are Different

  1. We hire instructors based on their knowledge, not actors and reality tv stars
  2. Our instructors actually know about bike form, technique and fit
  3. We absolutely require certification and experience, and then….
  4. Put all instructors through our own training program based on 25 years of cycling experience and knowledge
  5. Every rider is set up on the bike with proper fit and position
  6. Bike fit settings are recorded for each client
  7. We ban sexual language in class
  8. We make use of  metrics- heart rate and power-in order to personalize the workout and get results
  9. We don’t rent shoes- all cycling cleats should be set to individual foot/knee angles or serious knee damage can result, nobody should be renting out cycling shoes to anyone
  10. Our bikes have a freewheel rather than a fixed-gear attachment to the flywheel for much more leg muscle engagement
  11. We never pedal faster than 110 rpm- as compared to 130-140 in fixed-gear spin classes where the flywheel flings the legs around
  12. We use the Revocycle Resistance Scale on perceived exertion- not the  ½ turn, ¼ quarter turn of spin classes which is meaningless and not individualized
  13. Use precise pedaling to the beat, from 60-110 rpm, to align the body and mind and get into the zone
  14. We never yell, scream or use obscenities in our classes- we teach quietly, like a yoga or barre class, to get into the zone
  15. There is no hierarchy of where people can sit in the class. Really, you have to be ‘in’ to sit in the front?
  16. We don’t utilize ‘dance moves’- these are forbidden by Spinning certification because they cause injuries
  17. We don’t lift weights on the bike- these too are forbidden by Spinning certification because they cause injuries
  18. We use modern, indie and classic rock music and let the music ‘breathe’- long quiet times where it’s just you pedaling precisely to the rhythm
  19. We don’t play music at ear-damaging levels, and therefore have no need to hand out ear plugs
  20. We are about exercise for health and happiness- if you enjoy exercise you’ll keep it up
  21. We refuse to put half-naked pictures of our instructors on our Website
  22. We don’t dance around the room, we don’t take off our shirts
  23. We ban the use of terms like ‘hot sexy body’, ‘bikini season’, ‘problem area’ in all our communications
  24. There is no ”choreography’ at all other than standard cycling movements- there is no such thing as dancing on a bike, it will only cause injury and take away from the cardiovascular benefits of cycling: less is more in getting a cycling workout
  25. Our classes constantly remind students to focus on the body and the muscles and breath, just like your yoga classes
  26. Out of concern for the environment, we don’t sell bottled water- we do have a lovely Brita filtered water station for your own reusable bottle
Every one of these is 180 degrees opposite of the current ‘spinning’ fad, all of these make your workout more effective and reduce the likelihood of injury and help you move your life to a higher plane.
If you want to get the benefits of a cycling workout, this is how you do it!