Mindful Body Awareness In Spinning Borrowed From Yoga and Barre

Mindful Body Awareness In Spinning Borrowed From Yoga and Barre

Our Revocycle Mind-Body indoor cycling program is totally unlike any other spinning studio in the country, intentionally.

Every studio is going further and further in the wrong direction trying to create a noisy, distracting, loud, ‘entertaining’ spinning class because their underlying assumption is that exercise is ‘no fun‘, and therefore we need to distract and entertain you in order to get you to do it.

In fact, the very opposite of this is true. Exercise feels good for everyone, and tuning into the movement, feeling your muscles work, paying attention to your body position, is the best possible way to learn to enjoy your exercise. In fact, new research shows that when people who think they hate exercise put down the book or tv when they are on the treadmill and actually feel the movement they realize they enjoy it more and keep doing it!

Noise, distraction and entertainment are like drugs….you need a bigger and bigger hit to get the same effect.

Look at yoga or barre workouts. How many times has your yoga instructor run around the room beating a drum, yelled at you or screamed obscenities at you, or played music so loud that your ears hurt? How many magazine articles have you read while in Warrior II?

Everyone enjoys her yoga and barre practices, precisely because that isn’t happening. Even though the poses or moves might be hard and you’re sweating and shaking, your mind is calm and peaceful. This is the wonderful benefit of mindful body awareness, it brings us into the moment and calms our overactive minds.

This mindfulness can be brought to spinning, for exactly the same reasons. If we really focus on our muscles, legs and breath we get into what is called ‘the zone’ where time absolutely flies and we feel this amazing peacefulness.

So at Revocycle we are going in exactly the opposite direction of all the other spinning studios. We tell our instructors to never yell, never use obscenities, to teach like a yoga or barre instructor. We often have several minutes at a time where the only thing you’ll hear is the music playing and your heartbeat as you pedal to the beat of the song.

After a while of doing this, you realize that the entire class has flown by and you have this wonderful exhilaration. That’s mind-body cycling!


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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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