About Our New Spinning Concept

About Our New Spinning Concept

Revocycle is a new indoor cycling fitness concept that introduces freewheel pedaling, mind-body awareness, quieter teaching style and attention to beautiful form typical of yoga or barre studios.

Good Cycling Fit and Form = Better, Safer Cycling Workout

The Revocycle concept is a workout born from 25 years of cycling and study of the form- as in any exercise, be it barre, yoga or weight training, the better the form the better the results and less likely you are to get injured.  You may be surprised to learn that Spinning certifications explicitly forbid the ‘tap backs’, ‘around the worlds’, ‘corner to corners’ or ‘pushups’ that all the whole body cycling studios teach because they cause serious damage to the knees and back…… and they don’t ‘work the core’ or ‘chest’. We have no desire to injure you, so the Revocycle cycling workout is about biomechanically sound and super effective indoor cycling.

Freewheel Pedaling- A Revolution In Spinning

Look around you and watch bike riders pedal: they make full circles with their legs- if they stop pedaling the wheel keeps turning and they coast. This is exactly how you learned to ride a bike as a kid.

Now look what happens with the typical spin class bike. You’re pedaling fast and if you try to stop your legs you’ll get a serious jolt because the 50 pound flywheel is literally fixed to your pedals and momentum is throwing your legs around the circle. This is a fixed gear spin bike. You could attach a skeleton to the bike, get the wheel turning, and step back and watch the skeleton spin!

Revocycle’s revolution is our Natural Pedaling Method using freewheel bikes. Our bikes require that you pedal the whole circle, engaging the calves, hamstrings and glute muscles for at least 40% more calorie burn and toning. There is no ‘cheating’ and you use all the muscles of the legs, not just the quads as in regular spinning.

Mind-Body Practice: Tuning Into The Rhythm And The Body

We are about seeking the higher ground through mindful exercise and body awareness.

First ,we teach with a ‘yoga voice’, frequently cueing to check your body position, your breath, feel the muscles working. You know how every spin class in the world seems to have a yelling, screaming instructor? Why is that? For motivation? Barre and yoga are hard, but the instructors always speak with a calm voice and constantly remind you to tune into your position and feel your body. Our insight: Why can’t we do that in spinning as well?

Secondly, we measure the beats of every song, then structure our entire class around these rhythms so that we are always moving our legs precisely to the beat of the song. The effect is like a moving meditation as we hear the rhythm and then focus on maintaining it with our legs. Time absolutely flies as we get into the moment.

All of this- the mindful focus, the calming teaching style, excellent fit to the bike, good form- is very different from the “dance party on a bike”, loud, often quite vulgar spinning that certain national brands have developed, but we can assure you Revocycle is the best possible way to get a spinning workout and, as a bonus, also create a sense of calm and peace in your life.

This is the Revocycle spinning Revolution. Join us now to take your spinning to the next level.




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The Next Thing In Indoor Cycling

We are not your aerobics-on-a-bike class!

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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