Beautiful, Graceful Cycle Class

Beautiful, Graceful Cycle Class

The spin class is a huge opportunity to burn tons of calories and really tone your muscles! Very few exercises are better.

As with any exercise, spinning with form as good as you can muster is the way to get the most benefits…

and keep from injuring yourself. Too fast pedaling, weight lifting, and dance moves mean torn meniscus in the knees, herniated discs in the back or neck, shaved off patella…..really, truly….Yikes, who want’s that?

It’s an unfortunate truth that many spinning studios are run and staffed by people who have never ridden a bike or studied the form. That’s why you see such crazy ‘moves’ being done in spinning classes all around the country. Check out YouTube for some examples that might make you wince!

You wouldn’t go to a Yoga class with an instructor who thinks good form is just for ‘real yogis’.

The big dog of them all, SoulCycle, was started by a real estate agent and LA celebrity publicist who thought that indoor cycling is not ‘real riding‘ therefore you can add in all sorts of dance moves and upper body ‘work’.

A simple thought experiment: do your knee ligaments, lower back discs,  hips, neck, and leg muscles know if they are on a Spin bike versus a ‘real’ outdoor bike? HINT: they do not. How could they?

Therefore……. good bike fit, beautiful position and graceful technique applies in Spin class just like riding outdoors.

At Revocycle we have studied the exercise form for 25 years, raced bikes competitively, and studied exercise science.

That’s why we will never do ‘dance moves’ or ‘figure 8s’ or ‘corner to corners’ in our classes. We’ll never have you pedal super fast with no resistance. We won’t do ‘pushups’ on the bike.

We value your body, and we love the beautiful and graceful cycling exercise form, too much to ruin either of them.

At Revocycle, we WILL teach you how to get positioned on the bike perfectly! We WILL write down your settings on our fit cards!! With our freewheel bikes we WILL TEACH you to engage your muscles all the way around the pedal circle in order to burn the most calories and tone all the muscles in the legs!!

Cycling exercise…’s a great thing, and we are the only studio in Portland, perhaps the whole nation, teaching it to you so that you get the most benefits.

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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