Quick Fun Quiz…

Would you take a yoga class from a super hot model who never studied yoga and makes up her own poses because safe yoga is only for ‘real yogis’ ?

Would you pay for a Swedish massage from an actor who never studied massage but delivers scripted inspirational lines with real feeling?

Would you go to a Pilates studio where the instructors have no certifications and make up risky, useless exercises because real Pilates is ‘stupid’ ?

Of course not!  You want the benefits of the workout or massage and don’t want to get hurt!

We believe it is important for us in the fitness industry to respect your body, your reasons for working out, your time and your money, so at Revocycle we do something radical: we teach you to do indoor cycling with the best form and technique for the best results. We promise that we’ll never teach you to do anything that hurts the workout or your body.

Much of the fitness industry and nutrition industry consists of people and companies making up their own facts. The hottest selfies and the loudest voices are seen as ‘experts’.

Just as juice detoxes never removed a single ‘toxin’ from a body and Vibram 5-toed shoes didn’t prevent injuries, there is no such thing as ‘working your obliques’ or ‘pushups’ or swinging the upper body around to ‘work the core’ in indoor cycling. These are just unnatural movements that will do damage to your knees and back, and ruin your cycling workout benefits since you can’t be pedaling with real power while busy throwing your body out of whack.

Hey, we’d teach these moves too if they did anything and didn’t put your knees and backs at great risk… Ohh, but they don’t do anything and they will hurt your knees and backs

Working the obliques is great!..in the gym.

Doing pushups is amazing!….on the ground.

TRX rocks!….off a bike

Bikes are not designed for these moves- the actual way they are built and how they position your body is to facilitate a specific movement- cycling- and thus these added motions are biomechanically, structurally,  inconsistent.

Cycling is like swimming or running: it’s an exercise form in and of itself. You wouldn’t lift weights or do sit-ups while swimming laps because it would ruin your swimming and is inconsistent with the exercise form

Swimming technique isn’t just for ‘real’ swimmers (whatever that is), good yoga isn’t for ‘real yogis’ and effective strength training isn’t only for ‘real’ Olympic weightlifters.

And so Revocycle’s radical idea.….one that puts us in the company of one or two studios in the nation….. is that cycling is a REAL exercise form that has huge benefits when you focus on it and do it with intention.

This is what we mean by a radical, respectful approach to the indoor cycling exercise… for your body, for your time.

Intention, super-effective practice, amazing music, calming and peaceful atmosphere, welcoming, non-hiearchical community, authentic interactions, seeking the higher ground through exercise……this is the Revocycle indoor cycling revolution!