At Revocycle we’re athletes. We think like athletes and we love movement in all it’s amazing forms.

And you are an athlete too! You have the same body, same ligaments, same muscles, same joints as all other athletes. 

Here’s a brief resume of our founder
Cycling for exercise 25 years; raced from 1985 to 1997
Top 10 in Nebraska State Track Championships
Top 5 All-Time in long jump, St. John’s University, MN (founded 1913)
Professor (Biology) at Davidson College, a top-ten National Liberal Art College
Studied aerobic exercise and the brain with John Ratey, MD, Harvard Medical School;  Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.
Youth State Cup Team in soccer Nebraska; played football, basketball, golf
Nordic skier, open ocean sea kayaker, rock climber

We bring that love of movement and athleticism to the Revocycle indoor cycling workout by focusing intently on good bike fit, beautiful cycling form, and using metrics to measure our progress.

As athletes, we know that movement feels good. The focus required to push ourselves hard is a form of meditation that brings all the same benefits: stress reduction, calm, joy.

That’s why, contrary to the trend in Spinning right now, we do not seek to create a ‘party’ atmosphere.

We teach the same way your yoga teacher does; quiet voice, frequent reminders to tune into the body, feel the muscles working, focus on the breath.

The benefits of this approach are exactly the same as in your yoga class: a sense of calm, the wonderful feeling of being present.

Yes, we still work hard- it’s the hardest spin class you’ll ever do- but the amazing alchemy of mindfulness and hard work creates a sense of being in the zone where time absolutely flies!

This is the Revocycle revolution in Spinning: beautiful form and mindfulness for a better, safer, calmer Spinning workout.