Many of us who go to Spin class for our cardio also do yoga or barre classes for strength and flexibility.

Let’s conjure up our yoga or barre instructor’s voice for a moment……what does she talk about in class?

Protect the spine with proper alignment. Attention to the body and good position so that you don’t injure yourself. Safe flow from one asana to the next, feeling yourself in your body so you notice any discomfort.

Alignment in yoga is based on extensive knowledge of the skeletal system, muscle insertions and origins and the way joints are built to allow movement.

That body you bring to yoga or barre class is the same body you bring to Spin class.

The relationship between the spine and the pelvic girdle doesn’t change when you walk in to a spin studio, your cervical vertebrae don’t move to a different place in your neck when you get on a bike. Your knees don’t develop and new sideways hinge joint.

Yet Spin studios all over the country are ‘teaching’ people to rapidly and repeatedly flex their trunk (and face!) toward the handlebars, with upward pressure on the spine from the saddle and an unstable, moving base (i.e. legs pedaling). These are the ‘pushups’.

Or ‘around the worlds’ -having people move the upper body around in a circle while standing and pedaling, which of course puts gigantic shear forces on the knees (locked into pedals with clip-in shoes) and twisting forces to the lumbar spine and hip joint.

And obliques? Bending the the body sharply side to side, which of course bends the spine laterally and puts tremendous forces on the lumbar discs, stresses the pelvis-spine angle and hip joints, torques the knees and even threatens the shoulders.

At Revocycle we know that the bike is a machine built for pedaling exercise, not dancing. We love dancing but know it’s best done at the GoodFoot on Soul Stew Fridays.

No trained yoga teacher would  ever think of teaching these dangerous and compromising positions in yoga class, but for some reason they are taught all over the country in Spin classes.

Revocycle is Alignment-Based Indoor Cycling, keeping the body in the safe and effective position in order to recruit the muscles properly for a cycling workout.

No pain, no stress!