Totally Off-Trend Indoor Cycling

Totally Off-Trend Indoor Cycling

We’re the strangest indoor cycling studio in the country.

We know…. ‘dance party on a bike’ Spin classes are absolutely, totally the trend.

Most indoor cycling studios are started by people who have never ridden a bike for exercise, never taken any certification, and think cycling is ‘boring’. 

Thus you have ‘oblique moves’, ‘choreography’ and ‘around the worlds’.

Think about it….would you want to learn yoga from someone who has never studied yoga, has little experience doing it, and thinks yoga is ‘boring’?

At Revocycle we don’t care about trendiness, we care about effectiveness and quality.

As someone who has cycled for 25 years, has a Ph.D. in biology, and taught at an elite top-ten national liberal arts college, we can tell you with absolute certainty the way to get a good cycling workout is great bike fit, excellent form and pedaling with power.

At Revocycle we’re about the timeless values of knowledge, professionalism and effectiveness in fitness. Which makes us completely ‘off-trend’ right now in the industry!

We’ll teach you how to ride with beautiful form, with no risk of back or knee injuries and all the benefits of cycling cardio exercise.

Strange, right?

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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