Our lives are filled with constant email, phone calls, distractions. Facebook and Instagram, texting and traffic jams.

The current trend in Spinning- the loud, chaotic and hot nightclub-style dance-party-on-a-bike -is both a symptom and an expression of our age of multitasking and distraction, a continuation of the chaotic lives we already lead.

The antidote to our multitasking lives isn’t more multitasking in our exercise, it’s mindfulness in our exercise.

Revocycle is totally-intentionally– off trend.

We’re a completely new approach to indoor cycling that brings the


and calm teaching style of barre or yoga to Spinning -for precisely the same reasons.

We are the most effective Spinning workout in the country that is also calming and stress reducing.

No yelling, no screaming…just peaceful, mindful instruction that encourages you to tune into your body and get into the zone.

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