When realize that your Spin bike is powering your legs around and doing most of the work in your Spin class.

When you tire of your back and knees hurting after your ‘whole body’ Spin class.

When you suddenly recognize that the ringing in your ears is actual hearing damage.

Revocycle is the fix that the Spin industry desperately needs.

Our freewheel bikes absolutely require that you pedal the whole pedal stroke circle, working all the muscles of the legs and burning many more calories.

We teach you to fit your bike and pedal with beautiful form so that you get the most out of your cycling class.

And hearing damage is no joke.


 At Revocycle we teach Alignment-Based Cycling so that your body is not damaged, and we NEVER add ‘dance moves’ that are banned by all certifications and will hurt you.

We have the best sound system on the West Coast that produces beautiful, distortion-free music that bathes us in warmth and allows us to get into the zone.

And we teach with a Mind-Body style that is borrowed from yoga and barre- calm voice, no yelling, no screaming.

When you’re ready to step up to the most effective, safe and professional indoor cycling program in the country, we’ll be here to welcome you!