Revocycle is the most effective Spin workout in the nation.


The reason is simple. We took the radical step of bringing freewheel pedaling into the Spin class.

You may not realize it, but until now all Spinning bikes have actually helped power your legs. Like riding an electric bicycle, the heavy flywheel is sending energy into the pedal stroke, helping power your legs around the circle, stealing your workout.


Try stopping your legs suddenly in a spin class. You can’t. That’s the 50lb flywheel pedaling you.


Our radical insight: let’s bring a freewheel bike into Spinning so the the rider has to pedal the full circle, every time, for the whole class.


Now you absolutely must engage your calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes in order to the make the pedal circle. You simply can’t do it without using those muscles.


All bikes ridden for exercise are freewheel…..remember coasting on your bike? That’s a freewheel. Even the exercise bikes in a gym are freewheel.


More muscles engaged, more calories burned, more toning, better cardio. 

That’s why Revocycle is quite simply the most effective Spinning workout in the country.