Whether you loved his music or not, Prince was a towering figure in the music industry. Ask any professional musician who worked with him and they’ll say the same thing: Prince was a genius.

 At just 18 years old he was offered record contracts by major labels…..and he turned them down. He insisted that he be the producer and player on his own records, and was willing to go it alone if necessary.

At Revocycle we are 180 degrees opposite of the current Spinning trend of dance moves on the bike, sit-ups, tap-backs, around-the-worlds; Rockstar instructors twerking around the room, club music and crazy light shows.


Sure, it’d be easy to hire some models and actors to ‘teach’ our classes. Anyone can do that. Look at the growth of dance-party Spin studios.

But we won’t.


At Revocycle we’re about the workout, not the scene or Instagram shots.


Our vision is a new world of Spinning where knowledgeable instructors teach people to ride with good form and safe technique.

Where classes are a form of moving meditation that focus on alignment and body awareness and the breath. Where instructors aren’t screaming and yelling obscenities.

It’s that simple and profound……and we’re changing the world doing it our way.