The Revocycle fitness concept is a revolution in thinking about Spinning exercise. Like a lot of revolutions, it’s based on some very simple, and in retrospect, obvious ideas.

Cycle classes should use pedaling to get you in shape

Alignment and position are essential in exercise

Knowledge and experience are important when teaching a fitness program

You may not have realized it, but every spin studio in the country uses a fixed-gear spin bike. The pedals are literally locked to a heavy flywheel that, once it’s turning, is powering your legs around in a circle. The vast majority of spinners don’t add any resistance and therefore they spend the entire class being pedaled by the bike.

At Revocycle we use freewheel bikes, you pedal against the flywheel and the resistance all the way around the circle, using all the muscles of your legs. If you stop pedaling, the wheel spins without you. Like a bike.

We may be the only spinning studio in the nation that doesn’t do ‘obliques’, ‘figure 8s’ and other upper body ‘dance’ moves in their classes. These moves are explicitly banned by every indoor cycling certification because they damage your knees, backs and shoulders. A bike isn’t built for that kind of movement—-it’s the very definition of poor alignment.

Instead we teach you beautiful form, body awareness and excellent alignment so you get the most out of the class and don’t hurt yourself.

Absolutely anyone can buy 20 bikes and open up a Spinning studio. No experience is required; no certification, knowledge of fitness, cardiovascular training, biomechanics or muscles is necessary. In fact, that’s the majority of spinning studios in the US; that’s why you see all the dance moves and upper body work.

Revocycle is started by a 25 year rider and racer, with a Ph.D. in biology and study with John Ratey, MD of Harvard Medical School (author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain). We only hire instructors with extensive fitness experience.

Simple ideas, aren’t they? But they make all the difference in the world for your cycling workout.