On the outside, Maddy Moon was flawless. Her adoring social media followers desperately coveted her chiseled stomach and thin legs, gushing over photos from her numerous fitness competitions.


Maddy’s public persona reinforced the fitness industry’s promise that with a “perfect” body comes happiness, beauty, and health.


On the inside, Maddy’s spirit ached. The quest for physical superiority dominated her every waking moment and left neither physical nor emotional space for anything else: “No one knew because it looked like fitness. It looked like health. It looked like discipline.”


The secret price of Maddy’s perfection was depression, isolation, and exhaustion.


After her second fitness competition, the cost became too much to bear. Maddy retired from extreme training and calorie-counting, embarking on a journey to recreate herself and her business.


Today, Maddy Moon advocates body freedom and self-love in lieu of 28-day cleanses and rock-hard abs.

Through body-positive blog posts, podcasts, and videos, the young entrepreneur provides support for those yearning to heal broken relationships they have had with diet, exercise, and their bodies.


Although she has yet to attend a class at our studio, Maddy applauds Revocycle’s unique approach to group fitness: “Revocycle being different, welcoming, and accepting is going to invite people in tenfold.”


At Revocycle, we strive to create a safe and accepting space for clients. When you enter our studio, prepare for a warm welcome from our team of kind and knowledgeable instructors.


We take the time to learn your name and fit you to your bike to ensure a safe, effective, and empowering workout. Our classes emphasize proper body alignment, smooth pedal strokes, and mind-body connection.

Like your favorite yoga or barre studio, we believe that mindful movement beautifully strengthens and celebrates mind, body, and spirit.  


Alongside Maddy Moon, we are redefining health and fitness. Ours is a community built upon freedom and joy, and we invite you to join us today.  

 Check out Maddy Moon’s website!