Form And Focus In Cycle Class

Form And Focus In Cycle Class

We know that almost every other studio ‘teaches’ ‘whole body’ cycling classes with ‘dance moves’ and ‘around the worlds’ and ‘pushups’ and ‘figure 8s’. It’s a real fad.


We also know that every indoor cycling instructor certification tells trainees to never do these moves because they seriously damage your knees and back… they ruin  cycling workout.


Has your back ever hurt from a cycle class? Did you ever feel sharp pain in your knees from a spin class? The dance moves are why.


Revocycle is founded by a 25 year cyclist who knows how to use a bike to get super fit. And that does not involve dancing on a bike.


A person using a bike to get fit- pedaling hard with power- literally cannot swing the upper body around and do ‘dance moves’.


So your dance party spin class? You aren’t working hard, and therefore aren’t burring calories and toning muscles.

As we tell people, if you want to do Zumba, go to a Zumba class. But if you want to use a bike to get fit, Revocycle is how you do it.

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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