Think of your last ‘spin’ class. Instructor yelling and screaming at you, perhaps dancing and twerking around the room, music so loud you need earplugs to protect your ears.


Now think about your last barre or yoga class. Was it a ‘party’? Did you instructor scream and yell obscenities at you? Did you need earplugs?

No? Why not?


Is barre or yoga hard? Is it exercise? If so, why is the instruction in barre and yoga calm and thoughtful while spin classes are yelling and screaming, a ‘non-stop party on a bike’?


At Revocycle we dislike screaming instructors, we are offended when instructors in classes yell obscenities, and we value doing an exercise well.


 Revocycle is about calm instruction, body awareness and good alignment…..for the same reasons your barre and yoga classes are that way.


It’s a better, safer, more effective way to do cycle class, and we promise you it will leave you feeling energized and alive rather than beat up and frantic.


Revocycle. When you’re ready for a cycling workout, we’ll be here.