Barre and Yoga vs. Dance Party Spin Class vs. Revocycle

Barre and Yoga vs. Dance Party Spin Class vs. Revocycle

Barre and Yoga: calm voice

Dance Party Spin Class: yelling, obscenity, vulgar

Revocycle: calm, respectful, professional


Barre and Yoga: extensive instructor training, up to 200 hours including physiology and anatomy, experience required for safety

Dance Party Spin Class: no experience required, submit a head shot for an interview—>actors and models; must be ‘hot’

Revocycle: certification required, experience required, knowledge of anatomy and cycling exercise required



Barre and Yoga: emphasis on good form and proper spine/hip/shoulder alignment to avoid injury and to get the most benefits

Dance Party Spin Class: ‘whatever’ bike fitting, ‘around the worlds’, ‘corner to corners’ and ‘obliques’ with the upper body….while pedaling, ‘pushups’ and ‘weight lifting’ on the bike….while pedaling

Revocycle: expert bike fitting, fit cards to record settings, constant focus on proper hip/spine alignment, no dance ‘moves’, no ‘pushups’



Barre and Yoga: focused workout, mindful movement

Dance Party Spin Class: ‘fun’, ‘club dance party’, ear damaging loudness, distraction and entertainment

Revocycle: focused intensity, mindful alignment and body awareness, normal music level



Revocycle is the only indoor cycling program in the country that emphasizes professional, respectful and knowledgeable instruction. Just like your barre or yoga studio, for the same reasons.


Revocycle: when you’re ready to use an indoor cycling to get fit.

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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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