This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco…this ain’t no foolin’ around.


At Revocycle, we bring 25 years of cycling experience and science to our proprietary program.

If you want to use a bike to get fit, Revocycle is how you do it.


Serious. At Revocycle our goal is to get into the ‘zone’ of hard work and focused attention. Runners, rowers, skiers, swimmers, climbers all know this place…it’s magical! Our classes aren’t about entertainment or distraction, we guide you like a barre or yoga instructor- for the same reasons.



Scientific.  To get in shape using a bike, you need to pedal hard with serious effort. Our program provides extensive metrics- power, heart rate, cadence- so you can measure your effort and push yourself to greater fitness.

Revocycle is about getting fit through good cycling form and body awareness. No amount of the ‘pushups’ or ‘around the worlds’ most studios ‘teach’ will get you fit. They will, however, shred your knees and back while ruining your chance for a good cycle workout.



Athletic. Our freewheel pedaling requires actually pedaling the full circle, which requires coordination and body awareness- no fixed gear flywheel is going to fling your legs around at Revocycle. Freewheel pedaling is a more challenging, and effective, way to cycle.


Package this all with a mindful, calm teaching style and you have the most effective cycling program in the nation.

Revocycle: when you’re ready to use a bike to get fit.