‘Fun’ is not the goal of a Revocycle class. Is it shocking to you that we said that?


Call us crazy, but we don’t think an instructor screaming obscenities is fun. We fail to see the enjoyment in hearing damage and ringing ears. Contorting and swinging our bodies around in dangerous positions while attempting to get fit using an indoor cycle just hurts. Self-styled Rockstar ‘instructors’ twerking around a room make us annoyed and….. sad.


This is performance and spectacle masquerading as ‘fitness’.


Think about it. Is the goal of your barre or yoga class ‘fun’? Or is it to get the best possible workout by focusing on good form, body awareness and alignment?


Does your barre or yoga instructor twerk around the room screaming obscenities? No? Why not?


Ask any runner, hiker, skier, paddler, rower, cyclist, weight lifter, climber, cross fit-er, boot-camper if they are looking for ‘fun’ in their workouts.


Revocycle is the athlete’s indoor cycling workout. Good form and alignment, deep focus and hard work. Getting into the ‘zone’.



Our goal is to get super fit and get into the ‘zone’.


Revocycle: How You Use An Indoor Bike To Get Fit