Revocycle is about one thing, using an indoor cycle to get really fit. It’s very simple, there’s a way to ride a bike to get fit, and then there’s dancing on a bike.


Imagine riding a bike on an empty flat road, trying to go as fast as you can.

Your entire focus will be on pedaling hard in the right gear. If your cadence gets too fast you shift to a different gear to slow the legs and keep pushing hard.

Your upper body is still as you stabilize the hips so you can push with the hips and glutes, the calves and hamstrings are pulling you around the back half of the pedal stroke.

If you stand up, it’s because you need the help of your body weight to push a hard pedal stroke. You can only do this for a few seconds at a time.

Your legs ache, your heart rate is super high, and your breathing is so rapid you’re almost gasping.


Now look at the ‘dance party’ spin class fad.


Standing for most of the class. Pedaling 140 or 150 rpm with little or no resistance. Swinging the upper body around in circles, bending over to the left and right to ‘work the obliques’.. ‘tap backs’ and ‘pushups’, ‘lifting weights’.



If you’re cycling hard- i.e trying to go fast on a bike- you can’t do any of these things. Try these ‘moves’ riding a Portland Nike bike on a flat road….you won’t be able to. Therefore……if you’re able to do these on a bike -in a ‘dance party’ spin class- you aren’t getting fit because you aren’t pedaling hard.



“But I get really sweaty in a dance party spin class”: that’s because they turn up the heat to fool you into thinking you got a great workout.

” I like getting a whole body workout in spin class”: but you aren’t because a pushup on a bike isn’t a pushup (how many can you do on the ground? how many can you do in your spin class?), and ‘around the worlds’ and ‘corner to corners’ don’t do anything but ruin your knees and back

“But they tell me it’s a killer workout”:  a flywheel is flinging your legs around, that’s why you can do all the dance moves: that’s not a cycling workout, that’s powered pedaling with no form and bad alignment.


Revocycle is revolutionizing the Spinning industry by bringing some actual cycling knowledge and the science of getting fit on a bike- good form, focused effort-to get the most out of of cycle classes.


Revocycle is for people who want to get really fit from a cycle class…… when you’re ready, we’ll be here to show you how to do it.