Our program is based on 25 years of cycling science and practice and study of mind-body movement practices like yoga and barre. 


Like in your barre and yoga workout, we are focused on good alignment and body awareness so that we get the most out of the workout and don’t injure ourselves.

Like in your barre and yoga workout, we teach with a calm voice and constant cues to tune into the body.


Spin studios won’t tell you this, but the ‘dance moves’ that they all ‘teach’ are forbidden by every indoor cycling certification because they will hurt you. If your back or knees hurt from spin class, that’s why.


At Revocycle we take our 25 years of experience in cycling and mind-body practice to create a calming, zen-like approach to indoor cycling: we focus on good form and technique so you get the most out of the class and don’t hurt yourself.


Plus, we absolutely detest self-absorbed hot-body narcissist ‘Rockstars’ yelling and cursing at us while spouting ‘spiritual’ nonsense. 

So, it depends on what you want from Spin class. You can ride a bike to get fit, or you can dance party on a bike and get pictures for Instagram. Your choice, of course.


But if you want to ride an indoor cycle to get fit and seek real mind-body practice, Revocycle is how you do it.