Give The People What They Want, Or Teach Them What They Need…

Give The People What They Want, Or Teach Them What They Need…

Giving the people what they want isn’t nearly as powerful as teaching people what they need.

There’s always a shortcut available, a way to be a little more ironic, cheaper, more instantly understandable. There’s the chance to play into our desire to be entertained and distracted, regardless of the cost….

Or you can dig in, take your time and invest in a process that helps people see what they truly need. When we change our culture in this direction, we’re doing work worth sharing.

But it’s slow going. If it were easy, it would have happened already.

It’s easy to start a riot. Difficult to create a story that keeps people from rioting.

-Seth Godin

Revocycle is completely, totally and intentionally ‘off-trend’ in Spinning.


What if I told you that spin studios all over the country were intentionally teaching you a workout that will not get you fit, ignores the training of all certifications, will damage your knees and backs, and ruins your hearing?



The trend of course was set by SoulCycle and then copied, down to the logos, interior decor and ‘motivational’ words on the walls, by ‘spin’ studios all over the country claiming to have created it themselves.


It’s cycling exercise started by people who have never ridden a bike, spin classes taught by people who don’t know, or care to know, anything about cycling exercise; it’s ‘classes’ where ‘instructors’ hired from Instagram photos ‘teach’ ‘dance moves’ forbidden by all certifications, where ‘instructors’ happily expose you to serious knee, back and shoulder damage.


It’s cycling classes ‘taught’ with music so loud you can’t hear what the ‘instructor’ is saying (as if it mattered), ‘Rockstars’ dancing around the room, twerking and screaming at the class in obscene language that would get you fired from any other job. It’s misogynistic and deeply superficial, graphically sexual and biomechanically disastrous.


Now…think about yoga or barre. Does your teacher dance and twerk around the room? Does she use obscene language and call you ‘bitches’? Did she say “F–k yeah! Your’e killing it!!” Does she make up ‘moves’ that will injure you?

Why not?

Spin studios have gone for the lowest common denominator of entertainment, sexual exploitation and pure distraction in order to get money from you. SoulCycle proudly brags in national press that they don’t want ‘instructors’ with experience or training or certification…..they want actors and models to entertain. Our local studios tell customers who want to use a bike to get fit to ‘forget everything you know about cycling’…in their cycling classes on bikes.


Meanwhile, their customers are getting hurt, aren’t getting fit and are hemorrhaging money.


And so, at Revocycle we are proudly going in the opposite direction of this trend. We are provably the most effective, and safe, indoor cycling program in the country. We hire knowledgeable instructors and teach you extremely effective cycling practice. We ban obscene language and yelling in class.


In theory and practice, we are more like a good barre or yoga studio than any ‘spin’ studio.

So…as we say…. it depends on what you want from your cycling class. If you want distraction and entertainment, if you don’t value your knees and back, if sexy Instagram photos are an important part of your life….then we aren’t your workout.

If you want to get fit on a bike, if you want to get is the best shape possible and not destroy your knees and back……Revocycle is how you do it.

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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