Join Us In The Smart Cycling Movement

Join Us In The Smart Cycling Movement

Revocycle is the national leader of a new movement in indoor cycling….smart cycling.



Smart cycling means everything is changed about what you think of ‘spin’ class…the only similarity between us and your ‘dance party on a bike’ studio is bikes and speakers in a room.


Our foundational belief is that exercise is amazing….if we only tune in pay attention to it. Revocycle is more like your barre or yoga class than most ‘spin’ studios: we focus on good alignment, focus and calm teaching. The dance party trend starts with ‘cycling is boring’, let’s sex it up and distract you with loudness and crazy lights.


Our culture is based on our goal of seeking the higher ground through mindful movement and authentic interaction. We ban obscenities and misogyny in our music and language. We promise to never exploit our instructors for money by posting sexy staged photos of their bodies. Suffice it to say this is not typical in the spinning industry.



We teach cycle class based on 25 years experience in cycling and a Ph.D. in biology. Knowledge and professionalism and experience are the heart of our approach. Spin studios are often started by ‘Rockstars’ who have never ridden a bike for exercise or even gotten a certification. And then they invent dance moves on a bike.



Our practice is founded in good biomechanics and effectiveness. You may not know it, but all the dance moves that dance party studios ‘teach’ are explicitly forbidden in indoor cycling certifications because they will destroy your back and knees. Think about the scary forces put into the back while you sit and pedal doing ‘pushups’ on a bike…that’s trunk flexion with upward pressure on your spine and an unstable base. Or the twisting, sideways forces put into the knees by swinging the body while standing locked into pedals with a fixed attachment to a 50 pound flywheel.



And even worse…these moves do nothing to contribute to the workout. They don’t ‘work the core’, they don’t burn calories….they do however keep you from cycling hard and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the workout. If you are able to swing around and do ‘pushups’ while cycling…then you aren’t pedaling hard.



And finally, celebrity culture and social media stardom are of little interest to us or our clients. We use our Facebook page and Instagram feed to bring you useful and inspiring information for living a life of meaning. We don’t quote Tracy Anderson or Jillian Michaels, we quote Emerson and Natalia Petrzela.




Revocycle Smart Cycling: it’s about getting the most out of your cycle workout and seeking the higher ground through mindful movement.

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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