Intellectual, Sophisticated, Effective…Feminist?

Intellectual, Sophisticated, Effective…Feminist?

Revocycle is a different kind of spin studio, and a different kind of fitness business. We’re athletic, feminist, intellectual, authentically spiritual and totally lacking in trying to be cool. 


Our background is not in ‘fitness’ culture. We come from academia and athletics; our founder taught at at top-ten national liberal arts college and has played almost every sport there is. We’ve sent two instructors to graduate programs at Ivy League schools so far (a third one interviews tomorrow).


In academia, women are valued for their minds and their work: how good are your questions, how well do you teach? How true is your thinking? In athletics women are valued for what they can do, their drive and determination. Their bodies are instruments, not ornaments.


As athletes and intellectuals, it would never occur to us to promote Revocycle with sexy pictures of our our instructors in their underwear (and they’d quit if we asked them to!), or run specials urging you to get ready to ‘rock that dress’ on New Year’s Eve. We’d rather read Emerson than follow a spin Rockstar on Instagram.


At Revocycle we use professional language  and positive cueing. Language is a powerful thing. Word choices matter. Language tells others who we are, what we value. Screaming obscenities in class does not make you cool and it doesn’t elevate anyone’s life. It is a sign of deep confusion about the nature of motivation and the dignity of the human spirit.



We promote intellectualism and thoughtfulness through authentic posts and stories. Celebrities are of no interest to us, especially ‘fitness’ celebrities. We don’t look to Victoria’s Secret models for guidance in life, and you won’t find pictures of us shopping at Chanel.



We teach that fitness is about being strong and healthy rather than being ‘hot’ and ‘skinny’, so we ban all talk of bodies, bikini season, and problem areas.



Our mindful movement is about tuning into the body, our classes aren’t ‘shows’ or ‘performances’ and our instructors are not ‘personas’ or ‘celebrities’.


Of course, all of this makes us radically different from any other ‘spinning’ studio in the country…and we’re good with that.

Revocycle- the cycling workout for people who want to get fit on a bike and find a zone of peace and happiness in our busy lives.

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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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