Your Cycling Class Isn’t Getting You Fit

Your Cycling Class Isn’t Getting You Fit

You may not realize it, but your cycling class is not a cycling class and you aren’t pedaling a bike. 

We can prove it to you.


Take your outside bike for a ride and try some ‘tap backs’ or ‘obliques’ as you are out of the seat pedaling. You can’t do it.

Pedal your bike 140 rpm along Naito Parkway- $25 check to anyone who can do it.

Go climb a hill….try Fairwiew right next to the Rose Garden. You’ll be gasping for air 50 yards into the 2.3 mile hill up to Skyline.


You’re probably thinking “What the…? I go to Spin class 3 times a week!”


It’s because your spin class is not teaching you how to use a bike to get fit.


A spin bike has a locked gear attaching the pedals to the heavy spin flywheel. Once you get that wheel turning, it’s powering you around with the ‘flywheel effect’. Crazy, right?


This flywheel effect (Google it!) is why you can pedal at 140rpm or more in spin class- but can’t on a real bike. The flywheel effect is why you can stand on your spin bike for 20 minutes or more- but would collapse in a heap if you tried to stand and pedal your outdoor bike for even 3 minutes.


It’s why you can do ‘around the worlds’ and ‘obliques’ in your spin class- but couldn’t possibly do them on bike.


You aren’t pedaling.

 At Revocycle our freewheel bikes have precisely zero flywheel effect; you have to pedal the whole circle pedal stroke yourself, the whole class, whether standing or sitting. That’s why our classes are so much more effective…and much harder. Our record for standing out of the saddle is 1 minute 20 seconds.


And Revocycle is the only studio in the country teaching freewheel pedaling. Therefore, we are the most effective and safe indoor cycling program in the country.


If you want to use an indoor cycle to get fit, Revocycle is how you do it.


Ok…time for questions.


But, I get super sweaty in my dance party spin class….doesn’t that mean I’m getting super fit?

No. These studios turn up the heat in the room to trick you into thinking you’re working super hard. If you sit around in your hot apartment watching tv are you getting fit?


But I like the upper body workout I get in my ‘whole body cycling’ class

You aren’t getting an upper body workout in that class. Sorry to have to tell this to you. Pushups on a bike aren’t pushups (how many can you do on the ground?) and the dance moves do nothing for the ‘core’ or ‘obliques’…they will however damage your knees and back.


My studio is a super ‘intense atmosphere’, that means I’m a rockstar getting super fit, doesn’t it? That’s what they tell me.”

The Wizard of Oz also made use of loud sounds, flashing lights and smoke when in reality he was a small man behind a curtain who had no special knowledge or power. At Revocycle we don’t pretend to be Rockstars and we don’t pose for sexy Instagram photos. We do have a great deal of knowledge about how to use a bike to get fit. Draw your own conclusions.


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About the Author:

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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