Alignment and the Flow State In Cycle Exercise

Alignment and the Flow State In Cycle Exercise

Barre and yoga are strenuous workouts built on alignment of the spine and good form so that you get the most out of the class and don’t hurt yourself.


Barre and yoga instructors speak with a calm voice and cue you to check your form and alignment throughout class so you get into a deep focus and become very present.


Now observe your typical spin class- crazed ‘Rockstar instructors’ yelling and screaming obscenities, twerking around the room; wild gyrations of ‘around the worlds’ and ‘obliques’ on the bike that twist the spine into pretzels, music so loud you need earplugs to avoid hearing damage.


We find it remarkable that millions of exercisers who embrace their yoga and barre philosophies willingly subject themselves to seriously dangerous alignment and form, with loud and vulgar instructors, in their dance party spin class.


The body is the body- alignment is alignment, no matter what exercise you’re doing.

Would you barre or yoga instructor scream obscenities at you in class or make up moves that hurt you?


Revocycle brings the same focus on good alignment and form that barre and yoga do, for the same reasons. And we teach our classes in the same way…with a calm voice and cueing to tune into the muscles, the breath, the rhythm.


This is the athletes approach to exercise- working hard and deeply focused to get into the flow state. Athlete’s don’t need to be entertained in order to exercise….we seek it out in order to be centered.


Rather than creating a ‘party’ to distract you from what you’re doing, Revocycle does the exact opposite.


Revocycle: this is how you use a bike to get fit.

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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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