A New Paradigm In Cycling Classes: How To Get Fit On A Bike…..And Be Calm

Posted on March 9, 2017 · Posted in Uncategorized

Revocycle is simply the most effective, safe and powerful indoor cycling program in the country.

And the most zen.

We’re a complete reimagining of what you think Spin class is.


Our simple question, why is more loudness, more flashing lights and uncertified ‘Rockstar Instructors’ yelling, screaming and cursing the standard in Spin classes?


Why do they make up and ‘teach’ ‘moves’ that are guaranteed to hurt you and have no basis in using a bike to get fit?

Yoga and barre classes aren’t like this.


 At Revocycle we are reimagining the Spin class as a place where we seek out the amazing and beautiful ‘flow state’ of working hard and being present.


Instead of spectacle and distraction and ‘non-stop partying on a bike’ (what in the world does that mean anyway?) we teach beautiful form, with mindful and calming instruction.

It’s the zen of cycling, running, climbing, paddling, rowing, lifting, barre, yoga, hiking, skating, skiing.


Revocycle is the indoor cycling workout that leaves you feeling calm and happy.