College Level Spin- Playtime Is Over

College Level Spin- Playtime Is Over

Playtime is over in Spinning. It’s time to use a bike to get fit. It’s time for Revocycle.


We’re completely upending Spinning exercise by bringing in highly knowledgeable instructors, teaching beautiful cycling form and introducing freewheel pedaling with real metrics.


Zumba is great. Dancing is fun. But a bike is no place to be doing either of them. Swinging your upper body around while your legs are locked into pedals and a heavy flywheel is a disaster for the knees and lower back.


Working hard on a bike- getting fit on a bike-means your upper body has to be still and engaged so that you can use your hips and lower back to help drive a hard pedal stroke.


Think about riding your bike as fast as you can down a long empty road….you couldn’t do ‘around the worlds’ or ‘pushups’ because your whole body is stabilizing for hard pedaling. Unless….you stopped pedaling. See what we mean?


If you can do all the ‘dance moves’ in Spin class, you are not pedaling, and not getting fit.


Speaking of not pedaling, the reason you can have your legs going around in Spin class and still do dance moves is because your Spin bike is not a bike.


Spin bikes have a locked attachment between the pedals and the super heavy flywheel. Try stopping your legs suddenly on a Spin bike. You can’t. Now go to the exercise bikes in the gym, or ride a bike and stop pedaling. You coast.


The flywheel is powering your legs around in Spin class. That’s how you can ‘pedal’ at 140 rpm, that’s how you can stand up for 10, 20…even 30 minutes.


So this is where the Revocycle revolution in Spinning comes in. We use Freewheel bikes, just like a bike, so that you are using all the muscles of your legs to pedal… have to!

which means you could not possible do any dance moves, which means you are completely out of breath and your heart rate is 180 rpm


which means you’re using a bike to get fit.






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Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.

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