We know, Spin class seems intimidating and scary and only for SUPER FIT people.


But here’s the thing…..dance party studios don’t know much about cycling or fitness, so that’s why they make use of the…


Wizard of Oz Compensation: create lots of light and sound and smoke to make people think you are powerful and knowledgeable.


Here at Revocycle we know cycling exercise inside and out- we’ve been doing it 25 years. And we’ve used it to get in super good shape. We have no need for the Wizard of Oz Compensation, we simply teach our classes with calm voices and professionalism.


So here are our must-know tips to survive…and thrive!…..in your next Dance Party On A Bike Spin Class!



  1. Ask the instructor what her certification is. If she tells you “We’re certified here by _____Cycle walk back to your car. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel for demanding honesty in fitness!

  2. Sit in the front row. They’ll ask you to move because you don’t look good enough and aren’t dressed well enough, but you stand your ground. It’s very empowering!

  3. When the  instructor yells in your face and turns the resistance up on your bike gently inform her you know your body better than she does and to kindly not touch your bike and step away. Take your power back….just like Dorothy and Lion learned!

  4. Ask them to turn on the air conditioner. Riding in 90 degree heat is a trick these studios use to make you sweaty so you believe you got a ‘face melting’ workout. You’ll actually ‘earn your sweat’, which is awesome!

  5. Skip the ‘corner to corners’ and ‘tap backs’ and ‘pushups’ and ‘weight lifting’. And just ride hard with resistance-you’ll get in better shape and your knees and back won’t break!

  6. When the instructor says ‘faster faster bitches!! Slow down and add resistance, you’ll get fitter faster!

  7. Bring a decibel meter and when the music hits 90 decibels, ask them to turn down the music- tinnitus is sooo annoying!


Then again…..

this does seem like a lot of hassle, doesn’t it?

Better yet, just come to Revocycle if you want to use an indoor cycle to get fit. We’ll teach you beautiful form…and we won’t yell at you.