You may not have realized it, but every Spin bike you’ve ever ridden is fixed-gear, which means the 50lb flywheel on the bike is literally locked to your pedals.


Once you get the wheel turning, it has huge momentum. You can feel the force of it by trying to suddenly stop your legs in a Spin class- you can’t!

This momentum of the wheel is helping you  since your legs are attached to the pedals…see what we mean? Not good.


Revocycle’s insight is that the way to better spin workout is to actually pedal against a flywheel, rather than letting it power you. Just like you ride outside or like the exercise bikes at a gym- using more muscles of the legs and getting a better workout. We are the only Spin studio in the country to use freewheel bikes.

You pedal against the wheel, and resistance, the whole circle, the whole class, as shown in the diagram below:




Spinners ‘stomp’ on the pedals between the 2 and 4 o’clock positions on the diagram-almost exclusively quadriceps- and then let the momentum carry their legs around the rest of circle!


How do we know this? Because we see people new to Revocycle do this ‘Spin stomp’ all the time…they step downward then stop as the flywheel spins. They look around, stomp again, then tell us our bikes are broken!!


So if you want to get the most out of your cycling class, you need to pedal the whole pedal stroke- more muscles engaged means more calories burned, more muscles strengthened, more cardio per class.

Revocycle freewheel pedaling….the next level of fitness in Spin classes.