Revocycle is natural, organic cycling with no harmful additives.


Processed food makers add all kinds of sugar and salt to concoct the most powerful combinations of salty/sweet flavor to maximally trigger our natural desire for these flavors….. so you keep coming back for more.

Of course, none of that is good for you, but you can’t help yourself!


We as humans also have a built-in desire for distraction. Because the more we distract ourselves, the less we are present in our thoughts and bodies.


Spin studios have taken a cue from the processed food industry and exploited that craving by adding all sorts of moves, upper body ‘work’, party atmosphere, yelling, dancing, and choreography to cycling exercise in order to keep you distracted. ADDICTED even! So it’s not BORING!


But here’s the problem….just like the added salt and sugar of the food industry, none of this is good for you.


All of the moves and choreography are bad for your back and knees, the screaming and yelling and 110db music is damaging to your ears.


And the studios know this of course. Every indoor cycling certification teaches NOT to do any of this stuff because you’ll hurt yourself and not get a good cycling workout, but they don’t care because they want to make money from you.


How does that make you feel?Revocycle is here to tell you that processed cycling classes with additives are UNHEALTHY and not good for you, exactly the same way as processed food with harmful additives!


Crazy, right?


Like any exercise, cycling requires good form and position. We do that.

Like any exercise form, cycling for fitness requires instructors who are knowledgable (rather than just hot). We do that.

And just like yoga or barre, you need to pay attention to good alignment of the spine and lower body so you don’t destroy your back and knees. We do that.


Revocycle is healthy, unprocessed cycling exercise with no harmful additives.


If you want to get fit using a bike, Revocycle is how you do it.