At Revocycle we’re athletes, academics, medical doctors and CEOs; massage therapists and physical therapists, professionals and leaders of the community, yoga and Pilates instructors.

Our founder has been an athlete his entire life- soccer, football, golf, track and field, cycling, climbing, paddling, basketball, baseball and frisbee golf.

We value knowledge, authenticity, doing something really well.

We exercise to live healthy and happier lives.

This is the athlete’s mindset.


There is very little about #Fitness culture, and Spinning culture in particular, that speaks to us…our hearts and souls.

Take a look at the magazines in the supermarket checkout aisle, read Cosmo, or search #fitness on Instagram or Facebook. Or, simply check out the Website of any Spin studio in Portland.


You’ll see an obsession with skinniness, weight loss, hot outfits and sexy butts, celebrities and quick fix schemes. 


There’s a weird superficiality and aggressive adolescence in the industry that we find not only off- putting, but foreign to our sensibilities. 



And so Revocycle is creating a new #fitness culture that celebrates exercise for health and happiness, and inclusiveness so that all body types and ages are welcomed with open arms.

 We embrace beautiful form, knowledge and professionalism-we seek the higher ground through mindful movement.

We promise to never post pictures of our instructors half-naked, we’ll never yell and curse in our classes, and we’ll never mention ‘summer is coming’ or ‘bikini season’.

You can wear any outfit you want to our classes, and you need not put on makeup before class.

We commit to hiring instructors with experience and knowledge who will only teach you how to use a bike safely to get in shape.



 Revocycle #Fitness Culture


Revocycle: How You Use A Bike To Get Fit