Revocycle provokes strong reactions: people either love us and say we’re the best cycling studio in the nation, or they hate us and say we know nothing about cycling and our bikes are broken.

We’re good with that!



In the early 1980’s the craft beer revolution started right here in Portland, Oregon. Widmer Brothers, Bridgeport Brewing, Henry’s, Portland Brewing Company. There was something in water here?

At the time the top beers in the US were Miller Lite and Blatz or Schlitz.

People either loved or hated the craft beers…many hated them. But they were (and are!) GREAT beers and, of course, as consumers learned more about quality brewing the craft beer revolution spread all over the country and world.


Revocycle is craft indoor cycling. In a world of Spin studios where owners and instructors have never ridden a bike for exercise, or gotten a certification; where studios ‘teach’ dance moves and wild gyrations while pedaling, we’re called ‘weird’, ‘not really cycling’, and ‘stupid’.


Revocycle is founded by a 25 year cyclist with a Ph.D. in science and extensive study of the mind-body connection and exercise.


We know how to use a bike to get fit, effectively and safely. We teach you that, with an amazing mind-body approach that allows you to get into the ‘flow’ state. We’re craft, quality, indoor cycling classes.


This, of course, is not the current ‘fad’ in indoor cycling. We are not a ‘dance party on a bike’, we do not seek to ‘party all the time’, our instructors are not sexy Rockstars, we don’t yell and scream in class, we have no flashing light shows.


We do have the most effective and safe cycling classes in the nation: Revocycle is for people who want to get fit on a bike.